Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seahawks trade Jennings; Carlson placed on IR

By Kshell

The Seattle Seahawks this week traded former first round bust Kelly Jennings to the Cincinnati Bengals for defensive tackle Clinton McDonald. The Seahawks also lost tight end John Carlson for the season. The Seahawks are continue to go through some changes to the roster from when Pete Carroll first took over. He has restructered Aaron Curry and Marcus Trufant's contracts making this a make or break season for them. The stinch of the Tim Ruskell era is finally coming undone. In this following piece I'll discuss how happy I am that Kelly Jennings is gone and how disappointed I am with John Carlson being done for the year. Carroll isn't afraid to rebuild because he has a plan in place unlike the other Seattle sports franchise across the street.

For the second straight season the Seahawks have traded away a high Tim Ruskell draft pick at corner. Carroll knows Josh Wilson and Kelly Jennings are scrubs which is why he dealt them. Jennings the former first round pick from the University of Miami in 2006 draft has been a bust. He has just two career interceptions in his career. He is often getting burned over the past preseasons, regular seasons and postseasons. Despite Seattle's "Super Fan" Big Lo telling everyone they should support him no matter what because he is a Seahawk. Well regular poster in the Seattle Sportsblog group Bryan White said he'd be gone before our first regular season game and I concurred with that opinion. Well Jennings is gone and I'm thankful. "True" fans call out their players for sucking they don't blindly support them because we want to win. The guy Jennings was traded for isn't much as McDonald was a guy who worked himself onto the roster from the practice squad. He'll provide depth at the defensive tackle position which the Seahawks need with Colin Cole being hurt. Carroll is ridding himself of the Ruskell stink which I'm happy to see as Jennings was horrible.

The bad news of the week is John Carlson being out for the season. Carlson another Ruskell draft pick has seen his production decline each season for the past three years. As a rookie Carlson caught 55 passes for 627 yards with five touchdowns. He became a fantasy sleeper then in 2009 under coach Jim Mora caught 51 passes for 574 yards with seven touchdowns. Under Pete Carroll who used the tight end quite a bit at USC many felt Carlson was ready for a break out season. Last year though he caught just 31 passes for 318 yards with a touchdown. In the playoff win over the New Orleans Saints though Carlson did have three receptions for 17 yards and two touchdowns. Then caught a 14 yard pass in the loss to the Chicago Bears as he was hurt in that game. With the signing of Zach Miller that was probably Carlson's last game as a Seattle Seahawk. Ruskell traded the Seahawks second, third and fourth round pick to the Baltimore Ravens to trade up in the second round to draft Carlson. After such a promising start the Carlson era in Seattle will end in disappointment.

In conclusion, Carroll is re-shaping this roster and cutting a ton of dead weight. Now people may question his moves and instantly he won't see success. I see the Seahawks struggling this year but are making the right moves. The Seahawks have made the playoffs six of the last eight seasons winning division titles in five of the last seven seasons. The Seahawks are a well ran NFL franchise. They are going through some tough times right now but the Seahawks will bounce back. Carroll is cleaning out the dead weight and putting guys on notice. I wish the Mariners would copy Carroll's approach instead of being content on taking lace place six of the last eight seasons. I'm sad to see Carlson's career which started off so promising go downhill. I'm excited that I no longer have to see Kelly Jennings getting burned for touchdowns every week. Carroll is cleaning up the house and that takes time. I'm glad a Seattle franchise isn't afraid to blow things up instead of being content with last place finishes.

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