Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seahawks quarterback battle heating up or is it?

By Taylor Gombos

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Note: In this article, I will look at the Seahawks quarterback situation, and give my crazy and controversial opinion on who I think should be the starter for our Seattle Seahawks. You be the judge on how controversial my thoughts are.

  Let's face it fellow Seahawk fans, whether or not we want to admit it, our team, the Seattle Seahawks, has a quarterback controversy. Yes I am officially going on record and stating that the Seahawks have a quarterback controversy but my solution of who I think should be the Seahawks starting quarterback may shock you. The  Seahawks quarterback controversy that I am describing is one that I have to be honest, I'm not used to it, because for 10 years we had the luxury of having our starting quarterback set with Matt Hasselbeck. We never had to worry about who the starter was because Hasselbeck was always tabbed as the starter.

  My fellow Seahawk fans and 12thman Faithful members, times have changed, these aren't your father's Seahawks, this team is in the midst of a drastic change and it is my belief and opinion that this team has still not found its quarterback just yet.

Before I reveal my choice, let's examine the candidates for the No. 1 contender (aka the starting quarterback job, sorry I'm a big fan of wrestling, so let me throw out one more cliche here. The Seahawks quarterback situation is like a triple threat match for the WWE title, in this case the title represents the starting quarterback for our Seattle Seahawks. Ok enough WWE stuff, it's time to look at this quarterback situation.

Tarvaris Jackson:

For the last two weeks we have all watched and witnessed  Jackson, the man who was named the Seahawks starting quarterback for 2011, have two sub par games back-to-back. The most recent game, a 20-7 loss against the Minnesota Vikings really wasn't his fault due to the poor offensive line but I have to say I am not impressed with him thus far, I'm really not and I'll tell you why. I'm not impressed with him because I feel like he is over hyped and isn't worthy of being handed the starting job.

  Again I'm not going to bash Jackson into the ground here, because as I said the O-line was totally crap but I can't get over the fact that Jackson is being handed the starting job, like a spoiled child being handed everything on a silver plate, Pete Carroll just handed Jackson the job. It's puzzling to me that a coach like Carroll who preaches competition until we're blue in the face would just hand Jackson the starting job. Now before I go on, I don't mean anything against Carroll with that last statement, I'm In and I agree with all the moves Carroll and Co. have made, but making Jackson the undisputed starter doesn't make sense.

  Carroll has said that the only reason that Jackson was given the starting job was because of his familiarity with new offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell's offensive system. Jackson could have fooled me, it looks like he just learned the offense a week ago. Seriously though, for anyone who claims that Jackson knows Bevell's system, that may be true but remember Jackson knows his system from Minnisota, you know the system where he had an outstanding O-line, and a kick ass running back.

  The final thing I will say about Jackson is the fact that he is new to this being the straight up starter, because for two years he had to get out of the way for old man Favre. It seems to me that he is pissing away this precious opportunity. Is he the future of the franchise or just a placeholder for a future draftee only time will tell if Jackson is the real deal.   

Charlie Whitehurst:

Ah yes Whitehurst, the quarterback who lead our Seahawks to a win against with his wonderful quarterback play and his awesome passes.......ok I'm back down to earth again, I must have been referencing his college days at Clemson.

  To say it lightly, former Hasselbeck backup Whitehurst is just that a backup, and he will always be a backup. But I have to say that part of me is at least semi curious to see what it would be like to have Whitehurst play against a first team defense. There isn't much to analyze with Whitehurst, he is a career clipboard holder but again I would love to see him start the upcoming preseason game, because he has performed very well the last two games, and I also believe that after all his years of being a back-up he should be given the chance to see what he has as the starting QB. The only other thing I can think of to add about Whitehurst is that he and the second team have scored more points than Jackson and the first team unit, which to me is really sad.

Josh Portis:
When it comes to analyzing Portis, I find myself dumbfounded and at a loss for words. No it's not that Portis has blown me away with his play on the field, it's just he is a rookie and like most rookies, you never know what to expect.After hearing so much about Portis from Carroll, I have to say I was eager to see him in action and see what he has. While he hasn't been the most flashy player on the roster, I will say he has been somewhat impressive but keep in mind he is playing against third and fourth stringers. As a rookie, Portis has a lot more room for error than the other two QB's on the roster but I still expect some great things from him, but we will see.

So with all this said, the Seahawks appear to only have a two person race at quarterback in my opinion. I'm going to disqualify Portis, because he doesn't appear to be ready to handle the pressure of being the starting quarterback just yet.

  I know I ragged him a lot and his ears are probably ringing, but if I had to chose the Seahawks' starting quarterback I would choose Jackson, because like I said I ripped on him pretty bad but that is only because I felt and still feel that he should have to compete for the starting job. Like I said Carroll prides himself on competition so why not have a competition to see who the quarterback will be. Apparently the coaching staff knows more than I do, which must be the reason  why they are coaching and I am sitting here writing this article.

  While my criticisms of Jackson may have confused the hell out of some of you, and may have been unwarranted, I will say this, my criticisms of Jackson were designed to light a fire under his butt, I am in no way blaming him for all the problems that this team has at all. 

  To end, let me add that Jackson gives the Seahawks something that they haven't had since the days of Seneca Wallace, and that is a quarterback with mobility, who can take off and run if he needs to, which is very refreshing. All I know, is this quarterback controversy will be fun to watch.

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