Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ray Allen 2 years/20 mil with the Celtics


The Celtics signed Ray Allen to a 2 year contract today with a player option for the 2nd year. All the dominoes seem to be falling around the league on the verge of Lebron announcing where he will play basketball for his near future tomorrow. The Celtics are a team that was just one game away from winning the NBA finals last season and will keep its main core in tact with Rondo, Garnett, Pierce, and now Allen. Don't forget this was the same Celtics team who couldn't secure a home court advantage for the playoffs and a group that without question is playing on the back nine of their careers.

Depending on the news of Lebron tomorrow one name that makes sense for Boston will be Shaquille O'Neal. If Lebron stays in Cleveland look for Shaq to stay also, but if Lebron should bolt look for Shaq in Celtic green. They have everything he needs in a team: a big market, a slow tempo offense, a title contender, veteran coach and team that is saying if we don't give up 23 offensive rebounds in game 7 we just won our second title in three years. stay posted!


  1. @kshell
    A team has to wonder about Shaq. The suns were close to a title then they added Shaq and were worse. They didn't return to that elite level until after he was dealt.

    Then in Cleveland again the team was worse with him. I do agree he would make a great fit in Boston. He is another big body who can bang plus they need a big man to replace Rasheed Wallace's minutes and to help mature Perkins(way to many friggin T's) and Big Baby(No grown man should drool all over himself).

    The Celtics Big 3 are 2-0 all-time against Lebron in playoff series and regardless of who Lebron signs with the Celtics are still a force when healthy.

  2. I think shaq is still declining. You have to take into account how good phoenix's training staff is. I think Perkins/baby combo is pretty good, and with 'Sheed retireing (sp?) they will be able to trade that asset to another team and snag an ugrade...

  3. Shaq is no question passed his prime years. Right now he is just another big body with a big name. I think Shaq in Boston makes sense though. Shaq is a veteran with championship experience which the celtics appear to like on their roster. If Shaq can't fit in well with Boston then I don't think he should even be in the NBA then.