Friday, April 29, 2011

Tampa Bay Buccaneers take Mason Foster in third round

By Kshell

For the second straight season the Washington Huskies saw their defensive leader drafted in the third round. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected Mason Foster in the third round and 84th overall in the draft. For the Huskies it is good to see some guys finally getting drafted. The Huskies in the 2006-2009 drafts had a combined three guys drafted including zero in 2007-08. The program had a huge void in talent which is finally slowly recovering from. First Jake Locker was picked in the first round and now Mason Foster who is one of the Huskies all-time greatest defensive players in school history was picked in the third round. For Foster he is going to a good team that went 10-6 last year who focused on defense yet again. There is actually a chance for Foster to start right for the Buccaneers. Foster had perhaps even a greater career with the Huskies than even Locker did.

What the Buccaneers are getting in Foster is a linebacker who can play all three linebacker positions as he is 6'2" and weighs over 240 pounds. Foster is a three time all Pac-10 performer including first team his senior year in 2010. Foster was also a third team all-american last year as well as he led the Pac-10 in tackles and was second in the nation in tackles. Foster as a sophomore in 2008 was honorable mention all pac-10 and led the Pac-10 in tackles with 105 tackles including 12 for loss. Then in 2009 Foster was more of a play maker as he again was honorable mention all pac-10 as he recorded 85 tackles but he intercepted three passes while forcing a school record six fumbles. Foster also recorded two sacks and had the game winning touchdown against Arizona when he intercepted a pass and returned it for the game winner 36-33. Foster then as a senior had a terrific season with 163 tackles, 14 for loss and 6.5 sacks. Foster has a nose for the football and the Buccaneers are getting a player who can play. Foster is a good Husky and hopefully he'll make Buccaneers fans happy as well.

Just like with Sarkisian and quarterbacks I'm sure Nick Holt will be doing the same with linebackers. From his USC days as coach and now with Washington Holt has produced plenty of NFL linebackers. Last year Donald Butler was picked in the third round just like Foster was this year. Before Butler was picked the last time a Huskies linebacker was picked in the draft was Marquis Cooper in the 2004 by these same Buccaneers. I'm happy that Huskies are finally being picked in the draft again. Hopefully Cort Dennison can get selected next year along with Victor Aiyewa this season. Just good for the program to have guys drafted even if in the short term leaves a giant hole. The Huskies will have a tough time replacing their heart and soul on defense. The Huskies will have lost their face of the offense and defense which will be strange next season.

Overall, I'm really happy for Foster as I think the Buccaneers is a good fit for him. He is going to a good team with the chance to start as well. Foster is great against the run and he's proven he is capable of making big plays as well. Foster although not a great pass rusher can still get to the quarterback. More importantly Foster is going to be a run stuffer which the Buccaneers fans are going to love. The Huskies are going to have a hard time replacing Foster this upcoming season but with the talent Sarkisian is bringing in the transition is going to start getting easier. Growing up I'd see several Huskies selected in the NFL draft hopefully Butler and Daniel Teo-Nesheim paved the way last year for the Huskies to be picked in the NFL draft every single season. Just a good time for the Huskies with Locker and Foster being drafted. Buccaneers fans get ready to enjoy Foster who is a tackling machine.

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