Thursday, July 8, 2010

The day has finally arrived. Where is Lebron going?

By: Kshell

The experts on ESPN don't even know. Chris Broussard says sources close to him are telling him that Lebron is going to the Heat. Dan Lebatard claims the decision was made back in 2008 that all three would play together. Tim Legler of ESPN claims it has to be the Knicks given all the money he could make in New York. He is also holding his press conference 15 minutes from the Knicks practice facility. Lebron's friends keep pulling at him to stay home in Cleveland and the Bulls are probably the best roster for him.

Ultimately who really knows where Lebron is going. Never in my life has there been this much anticipation about an offseason and today is the Superbowl of this offseason. After today and tomorrow you won't be reading much NBA posts on this blog. The NBA can feel good about itself now but this time next year they'll be having a lockout that could potentionally kill the sport.

Lebron going to the Heat could save the NBA. The NBA needs dynasties and great teams. Leagues thrive on greatness(expect for the NFL who went the exact opposite). The NBA is about great teams winning titles. Only 8 franchises(Lakers 10, Bulls 6, Celtics 4, Spurs 4, Pistons 3, Rockets 2, 76ers 1, Heat 1) have won an NBA title in the last 30 years and thats counting Miami who has to this date just 1 title. The Heat-Lakers rivalry will be pretty fun to watch. Look how great Lebron and Dwyane Wade played together in the Olympics and All-star games. This could be really fun to watch.

We'll keep you updated on everything we hear about Lebron and give you reaction after he has made his decision. I think he is choosing the Heat and by choosing the Heat he is saying to David Stern yes I'm bigger than you!

So where is Lebron going?


  1. I agree. I think Miami is the new kingdom for king James. But, 2 things about that. 1. Is that team good enough? 3 max players and chalmers/beasley? That's not enough for a title. 2. What is lebron saying by going there, I need help? Maybe he just doesn't have that Jordan/Kobe killer instinct. If he was all about championships he should choose Chicago. Maybe lebron is just a Scottie pippen with a better skillset

  2. The NBA is a stars league. Three years ago everyone was saying how is Boston going to win with 3 stars(who were all past their primes) and 9 scrubs? Then veterans like James Posey, PJ Brown, Sam Cassell joined them. Young guys like Big Baby, Leon Powe, Rajon Rondo, Eddy House, Kendrick Perkins all stepped up.

    The Heat with those 3 all-stars who are all entering their prime years will attract some role players. They will be the best team in the east and most likely in the NBA as well.

    How could you guard that team? Either Wade or Lebron will face single teams and so will Chris Bosh.

    I do think its lame he is taking the "easy" way out but remember Kobe won his first 3 with Shaq, Magic won all 5 titles with Kareem.

  3. I'm not so sure this team will be so unbeatable. They are going to be using up all of their cap space on these three guys. Their projected starting lineup includes a rookie center taken in the second round. Combine that with Bosh's soft presence and I think teams like Orlando, Boston, LAL and now Chicago with Boozer will all be able to punish the Heat inside the key.

    Lebron and Wade can only take so many shots. It's not like they will both average 30 a game. If they do Bosh will average like 12-15 a game. If not, Bosh maybe gets 18 a game next year as the number three option.

    Lebron plus Wade and Bosh means you will beat almost everyone almost every night. But until they can surround this team with some role players they will be hard pressed to beat the Lakers, Celtics and Magic in 7.

    On top of that, having these three max contracts will not make building any easier, especially since next years new bargaining agreement will most likely make it harder to sign unrestricted FA's. If that happens, they will have to wait for some of these second rounders to turn into guys like Rondo and Big Baby.

  4. I think that is a fair arguement. Bosh is pretty soft and they will struggle against teams like Orlando, LA, Boston and possibly even the Bulls.

    I just think three all-stars in their primes of their careers especially when two of those guys are top 5 players in the NBA.

    I know for a fact in the history of the game no great player would ever have did what Lebron could do. Could you imagine Jordan, Isiah and Magic sitting down in a room and saying hey lets all play together? Heck no! They would try and beat each others brains in.

    This will just be more fuel for Kobe Bryant. He has to be thinking wow you can't beat me straight up so you have to join forces to Dethroan me. If its a Heat-Lakers finals that will be the highest rated NBA finals since Jordan-Barkley in 1993(The year Barkley won the MVP over Jordan so MJ averaged 41 PPG that series).

    I do feel really bad for Cleveland fans though that Lebron is making this speech on national TV. If he chooses Miami that will be wrong on so many levels.