Friday, August 5, 2011

My interview on "Steady as she goes" with Jeffs Mariners

By Kshell

On Wednesday August 3rd I conducted yet another interview on seamheads with Jeffs Mariners. I discussed the Mariners recent three game sweep of the Oakland Athletics. Just as I had predicted the previous week when I said we'll be talking about a winning streak the Mariners are on a three game winning streak and have won four of their past five games. There was plenty to talk about in this podcast as we discussed the many trades that Mariners had. We discussed the players we got in the Erik Bedard trade which includes Trayvan Robinson who actually was called up the following day after the interview. We also talked about the Doug Fister trade which has seen immediate return with Casper Wells hitting so well and Charlie Furbush getting the win against the Oakland A's. In this following post I'll post a direct link to my interview so you guys can check it out which I'll appear at the 90 minute mark.

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In the broadcast we discussed the trades at great length. You can listen to the broadcast by clicking on this link which I appear at the 90 minute mark. It was nice seeing Charlie Furbush go five innings of two hit ball to record a win in his Mariners debut. I discussed that trade last week. I think that trade was tough to swallow giving up Fister but the Mariners added some nice pieces. Combine that with the Bedard trade and the Mariners did all right at the trade deadline. Like I said click the link and you'll hear Jeffs Mariners and myself talk about the franchise for a good half hour.

In conclusion, it is always quite the thrill to be on radio. When it comes to sports I can talk forever and if I made a decent living being a sports talk show radio host I'd be very happy. Talking comes more natural to me than writing does I've felt over the years. I wish the Mariners were playing better so I wouldn't come off so negative and we can talk about a playoff race. That isn't the case this year instead we are stuck talking about rebuilding plans yet again and the prospects we acquired. Hopefully next year the Mariners will have turned things around so I can be positive. I'll be on next Wednesday at 7 p.m. for those of you want to listen just go to then click on podcasts. I'll be on with Jeff Mariners Wednesday at 7 p.m. so hope to hear some feedback on how I did. Until then hopefully the Mariners continue to play better to give me positive things to talk about.

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