Monday, April 29, 2013

David Stern screws over the city of Seattle once again

By Kshell

In a stunning decision NBA dictator commissioner David Stern has chose to keep the Kings in Sacramento instead of moving them to Seattle. What makes this so hard to accept was Seattle behind Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer put in the work to bring a team here. The city passed a deal to allow them to build a new arena. The NBA which as of a few years ago had two-thirds of their owners bankrupt are saying no to these two is just crazy. The Kings offer was 125 million dollars less than the Seattle offer. The Kings still don't have a solid arena plan in place either. Stern acted a complete 180 from how he treated Seattle back in 2008. In 2008 the city wasn't allowed to match Bennett's offer. He didn't give us three chances(Sacramento has been threatening to move since 2010) to keep our team here. That's what is so terrible about all this is the hypocritical of a corrupt commissioner in David Stern.

I'm still in shock that the NBA would deny Chris Hansen who is a young energetic up and coming Mark Cuban. With Ballmer's money and Hansen's passion there is no doubt that Sonics would have had a top five ownership in the NBA. They would have made the league a profit and built a contender up in the great northwest. There was rumors they were going to throw a ton of money at Phil Jackson who has won 13 NBA titles(11 as a coach, two as a player) during his lifetime. They overpaid for a Kings franchise who hasn't made the postseason since 2006 and hasn't won a playoff series since 2004. They made an agreement with the Malouf's ownership to buy the team. They put up money for land which they had to fight the idiots from Port of Seattle on and the Mariners. Hansen has jumped through hoops and has never said a negative thing about this process. He is everything we want as an owner and a real asset to the NBA. Why I'm so puzzled on why the NBA would risk turning the backs on this man. Sacramento's problems that led to them almost moving aren't going away.

The facts are despite what Mayor Kevin Johnson has presented the Kings aren't as great of fans as he has portrayed. The Kings this past year finished dead last in attendance, 28th last year, 29th(out of 30 teams) in 2010-11, 29th in 2009-10, 29th in 2008-09. In fact 2006-07 when they finished only 16th was the last time they weren't in the bottom five in attendance. Seattle ranks as the 14th biggest market in the U.S. while Sacramento ranks as the 20th(Oklahoma City is 45th). They still have no viable arena plan in place or land yet. How is a city that is nearby Stockton(going bankrupt) able to function as a city and afford this mega arena? I have no ill-will towards Sacramento but again the league made a bad business decision. The Kings in Sacramento minus a few of the Chris Webber years have been a terrible franchise that has played in three different cities already.

The NBA didn't give Seattle a chance to match any offers in 2007 or 2008. Stern shut us down from the get go but stated once Seattle has an arena plan in place we'll get a team. Well Seattle had a willing owner, an arena plan in place, had the land and the fan base was passionate like it was 1996 all over again. Then Stern decided to still shut it down. I know this isn't over and we can still steal the Milwaukee Bucks who appear in danger, the Minnesota Wolves, Indiana Pacers, etc but will the fans be as charged up again? Will Hansen want to go through this process yet again? I think this was our last realistic chance. I don't see the same passion to try and get a team as long as Stern is commissioner. As of July 2nd, 2013 if Seattle didn't have a team we lose our history as well. So perhaps this is why Stern screwed the Sonics so his buddy Clay Bennett can keep the history despite Bennett himself not wanting it. Look at Oklahoma City new playoff slogan says "established 2008" while a few years back said "established 1967". With Stern breaking our hearts twice I doubt anyone of us will let our hearts get back into this league. I think we aren't going to have the NBA or NHL for a long time. As long as Stern is commissioner the NBA isn't coming to Seattle I'm convinced. This is a sad terrible day that brought back terrible memories of July of 2008 all over again.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Obafemi Martins' first goal gives the Sounders their first win of the season

Obafemi Martins' 27th goal, the difference as the
Sounders finally get on the win column.
By Money Mike

I wasn't planning on blogging again until May, but that's changed now because of the fact that the Seattle Sounders are finally off the mark this season (their winless run had nothing to do with my absence). Last Saturday, the Sounders traveled to Colorado looking for their first win of the year, and they got it. The Sounders defeated the Colorado Rapids 1-0 on the lone goal by Obafemi Martins who scored his first goal for the Rave Green since his move from Levante last month. The Sounders have a bye week this week and then they get ready for a pretty difficult month of May. They hit the road again to take on the Philadelphia Union on the 4th of May. Then they head travel Sporting Park for a midweek match with Sporting Kansas City. Following that, they return home for a pair of home matches against the San Jose Earthquakes and FC Dallas before they hit the plane to LA for a Western Conference finals rematch against the Galaxy. And I believe they have a U.S. Open Cup match to close out the month. So there's not a lot of matches like last year, but again it'll be a bit of a challenge for the Rave Green.

In the Opening minutes of the match, Colorado had the first look at goal. DeAndre Yedlin's pass was given away in the Sounders half. Dillon Powers fed Hendry Thomas who decided to have a go from a long long way out, but the ball sailed high and wide. Thomas tried another long range effort from a similar position later on in the half, but couldn't find the target on that one either.

In the 27th minute, the Sounders broke the deadlock. Brad Evans found DeAndre Yedlin, who had a lot of room to run on the near side. Yedlin fed the ball to Lamar Neagle who whipped in a low cross which went behind Obafemi Martins. The ball bounced to Steve Zakuani who poked the ball back to Shalrie Joseph for a first timed shot which was saved by Clint Irwin, but right to Obafemi Martins who cut the ball to his right and calmly slid the ball past Irwin for his first Sounders goal to give the Rave Green a 1-0 lead.

A couple minutes later, the Sounders could've made it 2-0, but the crossbar came to Colorado's rescue. Colorado got caught on the counter as Obafemi Martins slid the ball to Lamar Neagle, who took one touch to get past Chris Klute and tried to go top corner upper v and instead struck the crossbar. Unlucky there, Neagle did everything right on the play. Clint Irwin was beat. Just unlucky is the only way to describe that. On the other side, Chris Klute was lucky that Neagle didn't go down because he did grab a hold of his jersey and he was the last defender, so if Neagle went down, I'm pretty sure the referee would've called a foul and Klute would've been shown a Red Card for clear denial of a goalscoring opportunity.

In the 55th minute, Colorado came and inch away from equalizing. Danny Mwanga fed Dillon Powers who turned and had a go with his left foot and just missed wide. Michael Gspurning was screened on the play and I don't think he had a chance at making the save. As for Dillon Powers, he's been impressive so far in his rookie season. A few weeks ago, he scored a beauty against the Portland Timbers and now coming close to getting his second of the year.

Five minutes later, Colorado had probably the best chance of equalizing and couldn't make it count. Hendry Thomas played a beautiful diagonal ball to the near side for Brian Mullan to curled the ball in with his left foot to the far post for Atiba Harris who flicked it off the bar and Danny Mwanga was right there and somehow he couldn't head home the rebound as Michael Gspurning got down and made the save.

In the 85th minute, the Sounders were once again saved by the goalpost. Brian Mullan whipped in another beautiful to the far post, this time for an unmarked Kamani Hill who volleys it off the post and the Sounders dodge another bullet.

Now onto the 92nd minute, the Rapids had one more last chance on a free kick. Jamie Smith chipped the ball to the far post for Drew Moor who got up well and directed his header towards got, Michael Gspurning was right there to make the save and that was the last opportunity the Rapids have had and the Sounders hold on for their first win, defeating the Rapids 1-0.

Scoring summary:

Seattle Sounders FC - Obafemi Martins 1 (Unassisted) 27'

Misconduct summary:

Colorado Rapids - Dillon Powers (caution; foul) 41'

Seattle Sounders FC - Djimi Traore (caution; foul) 67'

Seattle Sounders FC - Leonardo Gonzalez (caution; time wasting) 84'


Seattle Sounders FC - Michael Gspurning; DeAndre Yedlin, Jhon Kennedy Hurtado, Djimi Traore, Leonardo Gonzalez; Brad Evans, Osvaldo Alonso, Shalrie Joseph, Steve Zakuani (Alex Caskey 70'); Obafemi Martins (Mauro Rosales 61'), Lamar Neagle (Marc Burch 89')

Colorado Rapids - Clint Irwin; Brian Mullan, Marvell Wynne (Shane O'Neill 55'), Drew Moor, Chris Klute; Nick LaBrocca (Kamani Hill 45'), Hendry Thomas, Dillon Powers, Tony Cascio (Jamie Smith 77'); Atiba Harris, Danny Mwanga