Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas everyone!

By Kshell

Today is a special day for people throughout the entire world. This is the day where people who normally don't get along tolerate each other, where you actually look forward to spending time with your family. Today is the one day where you don't even complain about your sports teams. Today is also a great day for sports fans as myself. The NBA started back up today with plenty of great games and as I type this there is currently an NFL game going on. I also love about Christmas is that everyone has a place to go. For me it was back at my parents house as I recently moved to Edmonds, Washington.

While back home I got to see all my friends this week which was nice. Then today I spent time with my family including my pregnant sister, my grandma(dad's side) and my grandpa(mom's side) plus my aunt(mom's side). For Christmas without sharing all my gifts I received two Washington Huskies Alamo Bowl T-shirts which alone represents how things changed. I remember growing up the only Husky bowl shirts I'd receive for Christmas were Rose Bowl shirts. Now after that terrible stretch of football from 2004-2009 I appreciate every bowl game. The most rewarding gift was the gifts my sister received which was all baby clothes. I bought her a cute outfit that said "mom's pal" and the thought of being an uncle is still strange to me.

My blog has been pretty successful in the past year and I would like to thank everyone for continuing to read my work. I'm aware my opinions are strong and not everyone agrees but you guys continue to read which has been greatly appreciated. Although I must admit writing about Seattle sports teams these past few months has even worn on me a bit which is why I haven't been posting as much. The only wish I have for next year is to have just one all I ask is one good team who won't let me down. Tired of these average teams to down right terrible teams(Mariners).

In conclusion, today was a good christmas as Lebron James had a big day, Kobe Bryant choked the game away and most importantly spent the day with some of the most important people in my life. Christmas whether you are a believer or not is a wonderful day. I wish Christmas was more than just once a year because it really is a special time. Then we all go back to our old ways of living for the next year until Christmas comes around again. Hopefully enjoyed my rather sappy Christmas post as this day has been a wonderful day for me.

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