Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My thoughts on the possibility of signing Prince Fielder

By Kshell

The Seattle Mariners are rumored to be the favorites in the Prince Fielder sweepstakes. The signing of Fielder has brought a mixed reactions from our fan base. This is actually one move where I don't have a strong opinion on. I actually agree with both parties when it comes to Prince Fielder. I agree that the Mariners offense desperately needs a bat after the last four years of garbage offense. I also agree that putting a large portion of your money into one player is a recipe for disaster. In this following post I'll be posting from two sides of myself. The fan of me really wants the Mariners to sign Fielder as the Mariners haven't had a power hitter since Richie Sexson. The analytical side of me hates the signing as these signings tend to destroy franchises not named the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox. One thing is for sure general manager Jack Zduriencik appears on the hot seat so he knows he must have a big move to vastly improve this club. The Mariners have lost 196 games the last two years and attendance has been dropping each season.

The fan side of me would love to have Prince Fielder. Fielder is a great team leader as he led the Milwaukee Brewers to their first division title since 1982 this past season. With the Brewers Fielder put up power numbers hitting 230 homeruns in six seasons(38.3 HR's per season) while driving in 656 runs(109.3 per season). Fielder during that stretch hit .282/.390/.540 which is incredible. Fielder is a three-time all-star and a two-time silver slugger award including all-star game MVP this past season. Fielder would bring instant offense to a club that has ranked in the bottom in all of baseball in runs scored in the Zduriencik era(2009-present). Fielder would give the Mariners fans some excitement for once as their was no power in that lineup last year. Fielder is a guy who can hit a home run every time he steps up to the plate. Now the table setters like Ichiro and Dustin Ackley will have increase value as Fielder will be able to knock them in . This will also have fans excited about the Mariners who are slowly falling behind the Seattle Sounders in this town.

The analytical side of me says this move is going to blow up in our face. Remember the Texas Rangers back in 2001? The team that finished last place but signed Alex Rodriguez to 10 years/250 million. The Rangers were hoping that Rodriguez would generate excitement to their team so they can then use that money to acquire other pieces. Instead the team Rodriguez left the Seattle Mariners won 116 games and the Rangers finished last place. In fact in three seasons with the Rangers they finished last place all three years. The Rangers recently filed for bankrupcy and are still currently paying Rodriguez despite him not playing there since 2003. The Rangers like other small market clubs in the past have realized is that the margain for error is zero. The Rangers have finally recovered from that disaster which damn near set their franchise back decades.

In conclusion, I'm all for signing Fielder if the Mariners are willing to pull a Philadelphia Phillies. Which means  the Mariners join the big boys and stop pocketing the money and increase payroll into the 120 million range if not 150 million range. If the Mariners want to be serious they must expand payroll as they have the third best T.V. deal in all of baseball. Unfortunetly I know the Mariners won't expand payroll so Felix Hernandez and Fielder will cost us 50 million which will be half of our payroll. The Mariners tried this before with Adrian Beltre and Richie Sexson which failed in their face. They also recently tied up a bunch of money to Ichiro and that has flopped finishing last place three of the four seasons. This move is a tough move because I want the Mariners to get better while Fielder will provide that. I also want a championship and I know with our ownership with Fielder on this roster the Mariners will never win a title. The fan side of me wants this signing but the logical side of me knows this signing will blow up in our face.

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