Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wade and Bosh to Miami, where does this send Lebron?

By: Kshell

Chris Bosh decided to not take Lebron up on his offer to join him in Cleveland instead choosing to go to Miami with another superstar in Dwyane Wade. This move doesn't impact the NBA just yet as Wade and Bosh alone are just an above average team in the East. The bigger question is where does Lebron James go from here? Does he still choose to stay at home or does he try and go for a dynasty with Wade and Bosh?

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  1. I think it would be really nice if he joined the Heat and played with Bosh/Wade. If you are Lebron though do you want to win your first title like this is the question.

    I think he knows he can't win in Cleveland or New York. Unless he brings Boozer to the Bulls he won't win a title there either. So Miami is his only option far as winning a title goes.