Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Former Skyline top rated quarterback Heaps to transfer

By Kshell

Former five star recruit and current BYU Cougars quarterback Jake Heaps has decided to transfer from BYU. Heaps who won three state championships while being the quarterback for Skyline high school where he had current Washington Huskies freshman sensation Kasen Williams for three seasons. Heaps was seen as the recruit that got away from the Washington Huskies program and now has struggled in his two years at BYU. Heaps was replaced as starting quarterback during his true sophomore season to Riley Nelson. Now Heaps who struggled at a smaller conference is looking to transfer to a bigger conference as he listed USC, California, South Carolina, Colorado, and the home state teams of the Washington State Cougars and Washington Huskies. Heaps will be forced to sit out a year but he didn't redshirt so that year will be his redshirt year. At his next school he chooses to go to he'll have two years of eligibility left where he is hoping to compete for the starting job.

When Heaps signed with the Cougars many had high hopes for him. He was considered the top quarterback prospect to ever come out of the state of Washington which includes Jake Locker. During his senior season at Skyline High School Heaps threw for 2,970 yards with 43 touchdown passes. As a junior he threw for 2,910 yards with 38 touchdown passes. Heaps set the high school record books at Skyline and having a Kasen Williams sure helped as a quarterback. The five star recruit is also of mormon faith which is what BYU is known for. Heaps decided to go to BYU for many of reasons one of which is his faith. The other was because then Washington Huskies head coach Tyrone Willingham didn't recruit him at all. When Heaps left it was a devastating blow to the Huskies seeing a kid of that magnitude leave the state to join BYU. Now just two years later Heaps is leaving BYU while the Huskies are enjoying great success with their redshirt sophomore quarterback Keith Price. Price this season set the all-time passing touchdown record for a single season at Washington. Heaps will now be trying to go the opposite route of most transfers. First of all five star recruits aren't supposed to transfer after just two years with the program. Second of all players typically don't bust in a non BCS conference then try to transfer into a BCS conference where the competition will be tougher. This is a bold move for Heaps leaving behind his faith and trying to do whatever he can to live his dream which is to play in the NFL.

As it would turn out for Heaps his first career college game was against the Washington Huskies which the Cougars won 23-17. In his career at BYU Heaps completed 57.2% of his passes for 3,768 yards(5.9 YPA) with 24 touchdowns to 17 interceptions. Considering he didn't redshirt like most quarterbacks do those aren't that bad of numbers. In his last two games at BYU coming off the bench Heaps completed 36-56 passes(64.2%) for 423 yards(7.6 YPA) with six touchdown passes to two interceptions. Heaps might not have worked out for BYU but I have a feeling he can still be successful in the right situation. The fact he says he wants to start most likely rules out the Washington Huskies. If he went to Washington he would sit out next season then backup Keith Price who will have had two years of starting experience under his belt. Heaps could be the favorite for the 2014 job though. Most likely he'll head to California or Washington State university in my opinion. Those are the best passing situations where he has a chance to compete right off the bat.

In conclusion, looking back it feels kind of funny that Husky fans were upset about losing Heaps yet so excited about landing Nick Montana. Heaps has already transferred and there is a really good chance Montana might in the offseason. Heaps was supposed to be the sure fire can't miss prospect and now he is transferring after losing his starting job and being asked to redshirt as a junior next season. Heaps just wants a chance to improve his NFL stock and he knows being in the right situation in a power conference is the only way to do so. Heaps still has talent plus experience whoever lands him should be very excited. Heaps is a smart quarterback who could pull a Ryan Mallett where he is successful at his second school. I have a feeling the Jake Heaps book isn't over at all. Instead the Jake Heaps book is simply in the middle and can still have that happy ending that everyone imagined when he signed at BYU just two years ago.

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