Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Patton vs Mel vs Mcshay

By Patton Richard

The battle for who's mock was best is a difficult one to judge. I posted mine a few days before the draft, after I posted it I got plenty of info I couldn't incorporate at that point. Knowing this, I only took Kiper's and Mcshay's mocks that were posted around the same time as mine.

Now I had to come up with a system I thought would be fair, I know many places use a point system based on correct picks, range, and round. That's ultimately what I decided to do.

In the first round points are awarded as follows:
4 points if the player was selected at that spot (We all get points for Julio Jones going #6 even though Atlanta picked him and we all had Cleveland).
3 points for having a pick within 2 spots of where they actually went.
2 points for having a pick within 3 spots of where they actually went.
1 point for having a player picked in the correct round.
For any one pick you can get 0-4 points.
4 points3 points2 points1 pointTotal

Now, McShay has a slight lead going into the 2nd round where points are awarded a little differently:
1 point for a player being selected somewhere in the 2nd round
2 points if that player ends up on the correct team at any point in the draft
3 points for correct pick and player
3 points2 points1 pointsTotalOverall score

So, after doing all of these I have barely beaten Kiper and McShay. Attached is the spreadsheet I used for this information. It also has the mocks of Mayock (65 first round points, no 2nd round mock) and Rick Gosselin (79 first round points, no 2nd round mock). I believe this is the fourth straight year Rick Gosselin has won by this point method. He's very good.

I attached the spreadsheet I made in a .pdf format below, so if anyone wants to check it out they can: by clicking here.

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