Tuesday, May 3, 2011

If I ran the Seahawks draft.

By Patton Richard

If I were to run the Seahawks draft, it would look quite a bit different. Only one pick remained the same. Now, I understand the draft would change if I replaced who Seattle picked with someone who was taken later. However, this is just to see what could have happened.

Seattle pick #25: James Carpenter, OT, Alabama
What I Would Have Done: Trade with the Saints for #56 and 2011 first rounder).
New Orleans pulled off this trade with New England later, so I assume a similiar offer was on the table. I like Carpenter more than most but I still think getting a 2012 first is worth trading down 32 spots. When a team like Seattle has needs in many different areas, it'll be more than one year to fix them. If this trade wasn't available, I would have taken Jimmy Smith.

WIWHD: #56: Brandon Harris, CB, Miami
I know this isn't a prototypical Pete Carroll CB (Harris is 5-10) I think he's a 1st round talent. He would help out in nickel situations at the very least, and although you want more than that at this pick, but all the players I would have loved were taken right before us. Ben Ijalana (49), Da'Quan Bowers (51), Marvin Austin (52), Stpehen Paea (53), Jaiquawn Jarrett (54), Rodney Hudson (55)

Seattle pick #57: Trade with Detroit Lions (we received: 75 107 154 205 and we gave up: 57 157 209)
WIWHD: I still would have done this trade. I don't love who's left in this area.

Seattle Pick #75: John Moffitt, OG, Wisconsin.
WIWHD: Jurrell Casey, DT, USC.
I believe Jurrell Casey is a starter in this league, and I may have taken him at #56 if Harris wasn't there. Casey is a great fit for this defense and he's undervalued. I believe he's more of a playmaker than an all-around talent. However, this team needs both.

Seattle pick #99: K.J. Wright, OLB, Mississippi ST
WIWHD: Clint Boling, OG, Georgia
Clint Boling I have rated a round below Moffitt (whom I have as 2nd round value), but this is more in the range where I like to take guards.

Seattle Pick #107: Kris Durham, WR, Georgia
WIWHD: Edmond Gates, WR Abilene Christian
Edmond Gates I had rated as a 2nd round pick, and I can't believe he lasted this long. He's a burner who comes from the same school as Jonny Knox. Gates has okay size at 6'0 195lbs. I know Pete Carroll goes for the bigger WR types, but I think Gates is too good to pass up.

Seattle pick #154: Richard Sherman, CB, Stanford
WIWHD: Quan Sturdivant, OLB, North Carolina
I gave Sturdivant a 3rd round grade, which is why I'm confused he dropped to the 6th round. Sturdivant is a sure tackler with good athleticism (he came into college as a QB/S and transitioned into OLB).

Seattle pick #156: Mark Legree, S, Appalachian State
WIWHD: Mark Legree, S, Appalachian State
I would have taken the same guy, weird.

Seattle #173: Byron Maxwell, CB, Clemson
WIWHD: Greg Jones, OLB, Michigan State
Probably the most polarizing pick next to the quarterbacks was Greg Jones. Thought of as a first rounder coming into the year, his production did not meet the years previous.

Seattle #205: Lazarius Levingston, DE, LSU
WIWHD: Korey Lindsey, CB, Southern Illinois
Korey Lindsey is one of my absolute favorite players to watch. He plays mean, and he's aggressive and fast. He was physically imposing to all WR's that went against him (that's a bonus of playing at Southern Illinois). His ball skills are better than his cover skills right now, but he's very agile and quick and was one of my favorite prospects to watch.

Seattle #242: Malcolm Smith, LB, USC
WIWHD: Lee Ziemba, OT, Auburn
I think Ziemba is closer to a 5th rounder but I've heard bad things about his medicals. I'm assuming that's why he dropped so far.

Top UDFAs at each position:
QB: Pat Devlin (Delaware), Jerrod Johnson (Texas A&M), Adam Froman (Louisville), Scott Tolzien (Wisconsin), Josh Portis (California PA), Taylor Potts (Texas Tech)
HB: John Clay (Wisconsin), Derrick Locke (Kentucky)
WR: Terrance Tolliver (LSU), Jeff Maehl (Oregon), Darvin Adams (Auburn), Deandre Brown (Southern Mississippi), Tori Gurley (South Carolina)
TE: Weslye Saunders (South Carolina), Schuylar Oordt (Northern Iowa)
OT: David Mims (Virginia Union), Derek Hall (Stanford), Willie Smith (East Carolina)
OG: Zach Hurd (UConn), Justin Boren (Ohio State), Ray Dominguez (Arkansas), Carl Johnson (Florida)
C: Kris O'Dowd (USC), Zane Taylor (Utah), Alex Linnenkohl (Oregon State), Tim Barnes (Missouri)
DT: Martin Parker (Richmond), Ian Williams (Notre Dame), Cedric Thornton (Southern Arkansas)
DE: Ugo Chinasa (Oklahoma State)
OLB: Mark Herzlich (Boston COllege)
ILB: Mario Harvey (Marshall)
CB: Kendric Burney (North Carolina)
S: DeAndre Mcdaniel (Clemson), Jeron Johnson (Boise State), Joseph Lefeged (Rutgers), Nate Williams (Washington)

I would get on the phone and call: Jerrod Johnson, Derrick Locke, Terrance Tolliver, Deandre Brown, David Mims, Kris O'Dowd, Martin Parker, Mark Herzlich, Kendric Burney and any of the safeties. I think they can all play in this league.

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