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2011 Seattle Sounders FC season preview + Sounders vs LA Galaxy Prediction

By Money Mike

Well, this is it, we've been sitting around during the winter, waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for a new season. Now, the wait is over, it's now time to gear up, raise your scarves and give your full 90 because Seattle Sounders FC are back and ready for a new season of Major League soccer. This team has had by far their busiest off season in their history, with Sanna Nyassi, Tyrone Marshall, Nathan Sturgis gone, who was gonna step up and replace them? Only Sigi Schmid has the answer to that question. Here's our Sounders FC roster for the year 2011.

Seattle Sounders FC 2011 roster:

2 - Michael Fucito: 3rd year out of Harvard. He'll start the season on the injured list. There have been some critisisms about him being protected for the expansion draft but there isn't a reason why they shouldn't protect him. All I'm gonna say is, he'll be useful for this team during the season.

3 - Brad Evans: To me this guy, since joining the club, has sometimes impressed me and other times, he's been inconsistant. I see him coming off the bench.

4 - Patrick Ianni: Did very well in the late stages of last season with our back line all banged up and everything, but I don't see him as a starting defender at this part of the season.

5 - Tyson Wahl: Again, nothing special, only 4 appearances last season. He's been lacking it since mid 2009.

6 - Osvaldo Alonso: This guy has been fantastic his first two years here in Seattle, and will stick around for another four years. He has one of the best strikes and if he can start attacking more and wearing down the opposing defense, I think he'll come away with a couple of goals this season. He's also great defensively, we need him out there pretty much every game.

7 - James Riley: I think he needs to join the attack a lot more. He hasn't done much of that, so that needs to change.

8 - Erik Friberg: A key acquisition to this team. Friberg has the ability to create goalscoring opportunities, has a good share of goals in his career in Sweden. Believe me when I say, this guys is a lot better than Freddie Ljungberg.

9 - Blaise Nkufo: A designated player, calling it quits is the toughest thing to do in your life, but this is his last year of professional soccer. The greatest goalscorer in FC Twente history with 114 goals. He started off a little slow his first few games, but really picked it up these last couple months of last season and finished with 5 goals in 11 matches.

11 - Steve Zakuani: He has really picked his game up last year, coming away with 10 goals last season and we'll see more in 2011.

12 - Leo Gonzalez: Really impressed me since he joined. It would've been a mistake not to keep him for 2011.

13 - O'Brian White: I think he's gonna have a breakout year for the Sounders. He really struggled in Toronto, and I know there were some questions about trading for him, but I think he'll fit in very well with the Sounders.

14 - Michael Tetteh: Generation Adidas player. This rookie is an exciting young player I think will be here for a long time.

15 - Alvaro Fernandez: A threat from the wing. With Nyassi gone, he's gonna have to take the load.

16 - David Estrada: First round pick last season. If he hadn't been out injured in the first place, I think we would've seen a lot more of them. Only three matches last season. I'm not saying he's useless. But unless Sigi puts him our there more often, I'd consider loaning him out for a while just to gain some work experience.

17 - Fredy Montero: Nothing to say about him. A fan favorite since day one.

18 - Kasey Keller: Final season. I know he hasn't been with Seattle for so long, but I think he will go down as one of the greatest goalkeepers in Sounders history.

20 - Zach Scott: To be honest, he's useless. I think they're gonna cut him soon.

21 - Nate Jaqua: I'm really surprised that they protected him. He has disappointed me a lot, missing a lot of scoring chances. And the majority of them were easy ones. He need to proove that he belongs here.

22 - Mike Seamon: Still a working progress, but he's getting there. 8 appearances his rookie season.

23 - Servando Carrasco: Rookie 2nd round pick out of the University of California. Had an outstanding preseason and I'm looking forward to seeing how he does in the regular season.

24 - Roger Levesque: He tried out for Defender during the preseason, I don't know where he'll end up in the regular season.

25 - Pat Noonan: Ya know, I don't think he belongs in Seattle.

26 - Taylor Graham: I don't think he belongs here either.

27 - Lamar Neagle: Federal Way Native. Great to have him back. Hopefully we'll see him out there in an MLS match.

28 - Terry Boss: He's a pretty good goalkeeper, but he makes so many costly mistakes and I don't think he's a starting goalkeeper.

29 - Josh Ford: I think Ford should be the starter next season. He has set school records at UCONN. 85 consecitive starts, 54 wins, 50 shutouts in his four years. He's got a great future.

31 - Jeff Parke: Did very well last season filling in for the injured Jhon Kennedy Hurtado who suffered a season ending injury back in may.

32 - Miguel Montano: Saw action in 6 matches last season. Had a good preseason. We should also keep an eye on how he does.

34 - Jhon Kennedy Hurtado: It's great to have him back. That ACL injury was a big blow to our back line, but Jeff Parke and Patrick Ianni both stepped up and did very well.

Prediction - Sounders vs Galaxy

Sounders come away with a 3-1 win.

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