Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My reaction to being interviewed by Jeff "the fish" Aaron

By Kshell

On Tuesday March 15th, 2011 for the first time in my life I was interviewed on live radio. In this following blog post I'll link you guys to that interview while also talking about the process leading up to the interview. In this interview I mainly discuss the NCAA tournament and in particular who was left out. I also talk about my bracket(which I recently changed by the way) and from a previous conversation with Huskies beat writer Percy Allen I discuss which hollywood figure has the greatest booty. Quite a thrill to have been interviewed for the first time as my thoughts shall be discussed.

This interview doesn't take place if I hadn't start my blog. I was bored one day and created the Seattle Sportsblog. I also created a facebook account where I added people who typically post on Dave "Softy" Mahler's page. By doing this I've met some people who liked my blog and enjoyed discussing sports with me. Facebook decided to delete my account twice but the people I got to know through this process I added to my personal facebook. Well one of those people recently became an intern for Jeff "the fish" Aaron. After talking sports with him for almost a year he figured he would have me be a guest on Aaron's show. After talking with Aaron he liked the move and it was decided that I will be on his show. As for the interview itself it was well done in my opinion.

The interview sounded like a normal conversation because Aaron had already called me twice prior to my interview. In the off the record conversations I had told him I agreed with his stance that there would be more MMA coverage in the Seattle papers. I also told him that I think Percy is crazy for saying Kardashian is #3 on the best booty list. So when the interview finally took place which you can hear(if you want to skip to me I'm roughly at the hour mark) right here by clicking on listen to show!!! we discussed this very topic from the start. I told him I felt Beyonce is still #1 while Kardashian is #2 and although J-Lo was the first famous big booty due to her age she is a distant #3 in my opinion. I never figured my very first interview topic would be discussing who has the best ass in hollywood but it was. That helped relax me and made the interview process pretty fun. Then after that it was time to discuss sports and in particular the NCAA tournament.

In the following interview I talked about who was snubbed in the NCAA tournament. The two teams I felt were snubbed were St. Mary's who went 25-8, won their conference and had an RPI of 46. If you compare them to VCU who went 23-11, took fourth in their conference and has an RPI of 49 I don't get how St. Mary's was snubbed. I also brought up how future Pac-12 member Colorado Buffaloes were snubbed as they went 21-13, had a SOS of 49 and won six games against teams in the RPI top 50. While a team like Clemson who is 20-10 had zero wins against teams in the top 50. I also brought up how Alabama should have got in over Georgia since they won their division and swept Georgia. I then discussed my final four who I said 6th seed St.John's, two #1 seeds in Ohio State and Kansas then #3 Uconn(Although I changed it to Duke for my bracket). I then said I had Kansas winning the tournament and they better not burn me like last year.

All in all, I've received nothing but positive feedback from everyone which I'm happy to hear. I also discussed how I was going to watch the Seattle Sounders for the first time and sarcasticly(while being correct) Jeff Aaron said the game would end 1-0. The interview was a great experience for me to further my own career. The interview was also pretty fun to do and I hope to be back on Jeff Aaron's show in the future. I'll bring up some topics we can disagree on for a point counterpoint. I heard Jeff is a big golf fan while I can't stand the sport so that could be a nice little start. I'll forever be thankful for this opportunity as this was a great experience. Thanks guys for the continued support of this blog and my interview.


  1. For me, I'd have to go Beyonce in the one spot, J.Lo second, and Kim bringing up the rear (hah).

    While I find your reasoning of age to very much be a factor, I think the fact that both J.Lo and Beyonce are accomplished dancers really helps with my personal booty fantasies. While I have seen Kim's video and know that's she's no slouch when the doors are closed and the camera's on, I suspect that Beyonce and J.Lo put her to shame.

    If we were talking looks overall, my answers would change. Weirdly, I actually thought that was what we were talking about. If we're talking bootys though, it's Beyonce, J.Lo, and then Kim K.

  2. I didnt see this photo of Beyonce or I may have changed my rankings! Nice Work Kris, you can be on the show anytime you want!

  3. Thanks Jeff. I was asking around at the bars last night and most agreed with Percy.

    Crazy most I talk to either have Kim #1 or #3 I think I'm the only person who has her #2.

    Good breakdown as well