Thursday, March 24, 2011

My interview with Jeff "The Fish" Aaron part II

By Kshell

In what is becoming a nice trend for myself I was on the Jeff "the Fish" Aaron show once again. This time the interview took place on tape delay instead of live which I actually liked. This way I could hear myself with the rest of the show all at once. On the other side by being taped I don't know the flow of the previous conversations. This interview with Jeff lasted longer than my first one and we covered more topics. The interview process was pretty fun and I feel as if each time I'll continue to improve. At first I didn't even listen to my own interview until a week later because I was embarrassed. This time I listened to it immediately when it was put up. In this following blog post I'll go into detail with posting a link to my interview to describe the topics that I went over.

In my interview which you can listen to by clicking this link included several topics. The first topic was about the "Pot smoking" Washington State Cougars. Jeff posted the new fight song for the Cougars who at the time had suspended DeAngelo Casto(They lifted it before the game) who was the third Cougars starter to be suspended for pot. I think this was the funniest segment as Jeff had some good one liners along with his song about the Cougars. I suggest Afroman since pretty much all their songs have something to do with getting high. Even the story of how Casto was caught was pretty hilarious. The Pullman police was on foot patrol because there had been some burglaries around that neighborhood. They happened to see DeAngelo Casto rolling a joint through his window. This is like a scene from a movie it is so funny. The Cougars had their three best players busted for marijuana in one season which is pretty incredible.

Another we talked about was the lack of buzz surrounding the Seattle Mariners. Never in my life(25 years old) have I never been so disinterested in opening day than I have this season. As I discuss in this blog post hard to get excited about a team losing 100+ games and making no big free agent signings. We also talk about how the Mariners would rather spend money on slogans than have a good product on the field. Once again Jeff had me cracking up with his "Come see Ken Griffey Jr coach third base night" promotion which sadly wouldn't surprise me. The team still isn't over 1995 which didn't even reach the World Series. Just sad because opening day used to be my favorite day of the entire sports year. Now with the Mariners I know they will suck so I won't even waste my time getting excited.

Another topic we discussed was UFC coming to Seattle to a sold out Key Arena. We also discussed how once again despite a huge following in the northwest nobody in the Seattle media seems to care. They will pretend to care this week but after this week will continue to ignore the sport. Like I said in the podcast hopefully a Silva-GSP fight can bring in all the naysayers as that will be the biggest event of the year besides the Super Bowl. That also brought up our favorite sports month of the year. For Jeff this time of the year is his favorite with the Arnold Palmer invitational, UFC, spring training, college basketball, etc. I also nominated April as well for opening day, masters, NFL Draft and of course the Final Four. For me though I picked the month of October as I'm a baseball fan. In October you have the NFL(hopefully) and college football in midseason gear, NBA is on the horizon and baseball playoffs the entire month. Then we had one final topic to discuss which is almost a right of passage I guess.

You can't have interviews without talking about the Warlock himself Charlie Sheen. This was brought up because I had mentioned before the interview I was online thinking about buying a Charlie Sheen shirt. I think I'm going to buy this one right here which says Duh! Winning! I chose the picture of Sheen to my right as Major League is my favorite movie of all-time. Crazy how Charlie Sheen ended up being a bigger screw up than Ricky Vaughn who had been released from prison before he made the Indians roster. We also talked about how he is doing his stand up in Everett and charging a ton of money. I won't be listening to his stand up as I don't know how funny his jokes can be. Plus in another month his act will grow old as will his 15 minutes of fame. Like I said in the interview I hope he is secretly a genius and playing America right now. If he is doing that I will bow down to such genius. Otherwise Sheen's act is just sad at this point.

To sum things up, this interview went pretty well. I felt more comfortable with this interview than my first and I'm sure my next one will be more comfortable than this one. If you guys aren't already you need to be listening to the Jeff Aaron show by clicking this link he offers good opinions. What I like most about Jeff is that he isn't afraid to voice his opinion. I'm hoping to get to that level and I definitely have it in me. For next week I'll try to get into Jim Rome mode on my opinions so watch out guys. Overall this was pretty fun and I'll never forget these experiences for the rest of my life.

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