Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My interview with Jeff "the fish" Aaron part III

By Kshell

For the third consecutive week I was interviewed by Jeff "the fish" Aaron in which is becoming a nice trend. At first when I was interviewed it was pretty cool and nerve racking. Now I feel like I am when I'm discussing sports with my friends on the phone. I'll be a weekly guess on Aaron's show if you guys want to check out his page you can right here at gametimenorthwest. His show is an online radio show which is nice because you don't have to be in the Seattle market for an example to listen to the show. Well this week we went over several sports related topics including one where I passionately gave out a stat showing how pathetic Mariners president Chuck Armstrong is. In this following blog post I'll once again link my interview and go over the topics on here.

The first topic in this interview which you can hear by clicking this link was about the NIT and in particular the Washington State Cougars. Jeff had stated that at first he would rather lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament game than win the NIT. He then stated how he changed his mind after watching the Cougars experience a few more home games and get an opportunity to make a trip to the big apple New York City. This is where I disagreed with Jeff saying I still believe that I'd rather lose in the NCAA tournament because ultimately you are judged by what you do in the tournament. I also stated that nobody cares about the NIT(Not In Tournament) but I did play devils advocate saying where I can see why that is a good thing. For an example my brother is in the band at Washington State so he got a free trip to New York City. The talk of the NIT led us into the talk of the Final Four.

In the final four we discussed the two underdogs in particular the Butler Bulldogs. Jeff stated that he was more impressed with Butler than VCU because Butler is doing this for the second straight year. That is when I made the comparison to Boise State football where at first it was thought of as an upset now you realize they are a big time program. I mentioned how it's incredible Butler is doing so well despite a coach who barely looks old enough to legally drink. Jeff asked me who I felt would be the best NCAA final and I said Butler-Kentucky. I said Butler because they are more consistent while VCU is hot or cold so they could be blown out or even blow out the opponent. I said Kentucky because they represent everything that is wrong with college basketball. I went over John Calipari and his problems in the past. Apparently Jeff went to school with Calipari and even he knows that Calipari has a huge ego. I talk about the Terrence Jones fiasco at Washington as well. Then we discussed just how sad it is that most likely both Brad Stevens(Butler) and Shaka Smart(VCU) will probably bolt in the next couple of seasons.

Then the final topic we discussed was the Seattle Mariners who open the season this Friday in Oakland. If you haven't read it by now make sure to check out my 2011 Seattle Mariners preview by clicking this link. I first discussed the positives of the Mariners which is every fifth day we get to experience the best pitcher in the American League in Felix Hernandez. I also discussed the youth movement with Michael Pineda, Justin Smoak and Dustin Ackley. That is where the positives end for the Mariners. After briefly discussing the NFL draft and in particular Jake Locker where I still think he'll go in the first round I went right back to the Mariners. I wasn't done yet as I wanted to take some shots at Chuck Armstrong. Armstrong has ran the franchise into the ground his entire time in Seattle. I mentioned how Armstrong has a losing record yet isn't on the hot seat. How the ownership cares more about selling bobbleheads, creating a family friendly atmosphere and making a profit than putting a good team on the field. Then I ended it by referencing Charlie Sheen saying they don't have the Tiger blood that is for sure.

Overall the interview well pretty well. I feel as if I'm getting more and more comfortable and the subjects are in my wheelhouse. I'm a jack of all trades so I can discuss almost anything but like most people I have some area's I'm strong at. Talking about the local teams I feel like I can put my voice out there better. I'm passionate about who got snubbed in the NCAA tournament but I will get pissed off talking about how crappy the Mariners have been. I'm not afraid to rip our teams when they are playing like crap as I don't make excuses. I felt today's episode represented me very well and I'm looking forward to next week's show. Like I said if you aren't already listening to the show go ahead and listen at www.gametimenorthwest.comwhich will have hall of fame wide receiver Steve Largent on Wednesday's show. Well this show went pretty well and I felt like I blasted Chuck Armstrong pretty good which always feels good.

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