Sunday, July 11, 2010

World Cup Final Recap: Well, That Wasn't Halfcocked

By: The Misanthropic Sports Fan

So we've had our final match of the 2010 World Cup, and it was, well, it was a bit dull I'll be the first to admit. Not because it wasn't a very good game, it was, but if you wanted to see a game of up and down the field play with open goal scoring chances, you'd have been better off watching the wonderful 3rd place game on Saturday between Germany and Uruguay. In fact, if you missed that game, go watch it. Now. I can wait, honestly.

Done? Brilliant. So, this game. It was a struggle in the midfield between two sides that wouldn't back down, except of course for Spain flopping all over the pitch. Seriously, it's a World Cup FINAL and you're falling down like you're auditioning for Nameless Thug Who Gets Machine Gunned Down #3 in the new John Woo Hong Kong epic gangster flick. I understand it's part of the game, and I don't often get worked up about it for just that reason, but if you can't stay upright in the biggest game of your lives, you shouldn't get bailed out for it by the officials. Which is of course what happened, over and over again, right down to a BAD red card in extra time that gave Spain the man advantage that would ultimately be enough to get them to the promised land.

And this is important for Spain, who got over the hump of being choke artists at Euro 2008 and continued that ability to come through in the clutch to World Cup 2010. They weren't ever the dominant side that I felt they could be, though with Torres nursing a serious knee injury, perhaps that was hoping for too much. They plugged along, did all the things you're supposed to do, and walked away with the trophy. Spain has often felt they didn't get the respect they deserved as an international soccer threat. I can't imagine that will ever happen again. Really, it's just nice to add another name to the trophy list. It gets a bit dull every year watching Argentina, Germany, Brazil and Italy. Especially Italy. Those guys suck.

Now it's time to start thinking about the upcoming club season, and perhaps focus a bit on the Sounders if you're a Seattle native. Though their position at the bottom of the table isn't exactly inspiring at the moment. Still, if you've got the time and money, get yourself to Qwest Field. There's nothing in the world like a live football match. Even one in a 3rd tier professional league. Yeah, I said it.

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