Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kevin Durant resigns with the Zombies 5 years/85 million

By: Kshell

This is a sad day for Seattle Sports. We were all waiting for the day that Durant would leave that awful city that stole our team away from us. Instead that city will get to watch Durant for at least 5 more seasons which is truly a shame. He was supposed to be ours. He was supposed to get the city of Seattle which has been down for so long in sports a boost instead David Stern and the NBA ripped him away from us.

This begs the question though who would you rather have Kevin Durant for 5 years at 85 million or Rudy Gay at 5 years/83 million? This is a sarcastic question of course. Is it possible to be a "steal" when you make 17 million a season? I think in Durants case he is considering Joe Johnsons, Amare's and Gay's rediculous contracts. The economy is a giant crutch for why the NBA is Failing. The NBA is failing because of these rediculous contracts to guys who aren't franchise guys.

Kudos to Sam Presti for locking up a franchise guy and paying him the same amount as Rudy Gay and less than Joe Johnson.


  1. I think its quite rediculous that these owners allow their GM's to make such idiotic moves over and over again.

    I find it funny that Kevin Pritchard doesn't have a job yet Chris Wallace received an extension.

  2. Yah I agree the owners are stupid and causing themselves to lose money. I mean anytime you pay a guy 100 mil when his kness are 20 years older than the rest if his body you have to do it right?