Tuesday, January 24, 2012

When has stalking teens become acceptable?

By Kshell

Typically when an adult is texting a teen 40 times a day, messaging them on facebook non stop or tweeting to them all day that is something to be concerned about. What most people would think is that adult is a pedophile like former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky. Instead this is just your normal recruiting in today's era. With Facebook and Twitter plus back in the day myspace these site owners harass these kids 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year like clockwork. With twitter blowing up you also see so many sad fans trying to "sell" their favorite team to a recruit thinking that their opinion might actually matter. The saddest part in all this is that the stalking of teens during recruiting season has become too "normal" to most people since it has been going on for so long with no end in sight.

On twitter you'll see the Dawgman guys or Crazy Ruth Robbins especially stalking these teens. Always trying to break the story on where a kid is going. On Dave "Softy" Mahlers facebook page so many people are concerned about the mindset of a 17 year old kid that this time last year they had no clue who he was. I'll admit that the names Jordan Payton, Shaq Thompson, Cedric Dozier, Arik Armstread meant nothing to me as of three months ago. Then when LOI day finally arrives if that kid comes to your school he is the next great one, if he snubs your school then there must be something wrong with him. Adults don't care one bit about calling a 17 or 18 year old kid every name in the book behind a keyboard if he doesn't go to their particular school. Another thing these adults don't realize is there is a very good chance these kids are getting off on the attention. It reminds me of South Park where the kids are outsmarting the adults here. I'm sure these high recruits love to mess with these adults as it is just so easy to do.

Sometimes people forget what it was like to be in high school. Where all you cared about was sports, girls and how to steal alcohol from either your parents or a friends parents. They also forget just how immature these kids are and how their mind changes from day to day. That won't stop the adults from freaking out though if a five star recruit tweets "I had a cherry milkshake today" then everyone freaks out thinking oh he chose cherry because it's red then starts to figure out what it meant. These kids on twitter it's so obvious love messing with the adults and these sites like Dawgman, Realdawg and every other public figure who participates in this sad game eats it up every time. I just wish there was a hard rule stopping people from contacting recruits(I know there is a rule but never enforced) as I'm tired of people cluttering up my twitter feed with "@Stud5Star come to the dawgs(or cougs or ducks) and lead us to a Rose Bowl baby!". Try tweeting that to a 17 year old and CPS is all over your ass as you become the most popular person in your new "club" called Prison.

Social media has made the recruiting game into a giant joke and sadly this isn't going to stop. If you aren't reading up on the recruits you will be behind with old news and nobody wants to be left out. I just hope the adults stop badgering these recruits on facebook and twitter as it's super annoying plus pathetic. I'll be honest I want the stud recruits to come to Washington but I can care less about how they are as people. I don't want to "get to know" a high school kid seeing how I'm 26 years old. When we were in high school did we ever try to "get to know" a middle schooler? Hell no! I just think this stalking teens game is beyond sad and even worse most people have no problem with it. If you were doing that to any other high school kid you'd be in jail but hey he's good at sports so it must be all right.

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