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Nick Montana transfers from Washington

By Kshell

Kris Shellenbarger

I have a source that told me that Huskies QB Nick Montana hasn't enrolled in any classes this quarter. Looking like he will be transfering.

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Washington Huskies backup quarterback redshirt freshman Nick Montana has officially transfered today. This is something that I had reported a few weeks back. While at the time some believed my reporting skills there was a few doubters. I didn't just randomly post that as I don't do that. Instead from a mutual friend that he regularly talks to every single day told me I decided to run with this. KJR's Dave "Softy" Mahler had told me at the time he spoke to Montana and that I was wrong. Yet here we are today with Montana transfering. Instead of giving me credit like Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times rightfully did Mahler instead took this as a chance to rag on me even more so. In this following post I'll talk about Montana transfering and the positive/negative reaction I've received from Mahlers childish antics towards myself.

When Nick Montana the son of Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana came to Washington there was high expectations for the four star recruit that he would take over when Jake Locker graduated. Instead Montana lost out to sophomore quarterback Keith Price and never really played much this year. When Montana finally had a chance to play he didn't play well at all. In his lone start in a 38-21 loss to Oregon State he was pulled for the injured Keith Price failing to throw for even 100 yards. For his Huskies career Montana completed 24-42(57.1%) of his passes for 226 yards(5.4 YPA) with three touchdowns to two interceptions. Montana showed in that Oregon State game that he wasn't ready for major college football. With Sarkisian bringing in two highly rated quarterbacks and Price having two more years left this was a move that makes sense for Montana.

Keith Price the quarterback that nobody gave a chance to beat out Montana broke a lot of passing records as only a sophomore quarterback. While the Huskies marketing team was busy selling Nick Montana's #5 jersey Price simply showed he was the better quarterback. Price began his career with six straight games of passing for at least three touchdown passes in a game. For the year Price completed 242-362(66.9%) of his passes for 3,063 yards(8.5 YPA) with 33 touchdowns to 11 interceptions with three rushing touchdowns. Price set a single season school record for QB rating, completion percentage and touchdowns in a season. The school record is 53 passing touchdowns by Locker and Price for his career already has 35 touchdowns so Montana was looking at best starting only his senior year.  With Sarkisian bringing in two quarterbacks and with Derrick Brown also a highly touted quarterback waiting in the wings could have beaten out Montana as well. Most people saw with the play of Keith Price that Montana was going to indeed transfer. Montana transfering isn't a shock to most. Just the timing of Montana's transfer after I had been told I was wrong just two weeks ago is the story. Had Montana transfered a year from now or even before I had reported it  people could claim they had known all along. After I had reported it though I was met with some negative feedback in return mostly by one individual.

"Softy Mahler

I complained that I had to chase down a rumor from a blog nobody had ever heard of. I cant waste my time chasing down stories based off rumors that appear on fan blogs. Theres just too many of them and if I did that I wouldnt even have time to breathe. But people kept bugging me about it, so I called Nick. He denied it then. Now, today, a credible news source is reporting he's gone. T
hat is worth responding to. If anyone with a fan blog wants to break stories and be taken seriously, then go get a job with an established media organiziation, or build a history that one day people can take seriously. Its that simple."

Dave "Softy" Mahler is often known for his childish antics and homerism for the Huskies.  He has called out author Derrick Johnson in the past too discrediting him. So I'm not surprised he referred to my blog as a blog that nobody has heard of despite the fact that I have three-quarters of a century thousand in views. For him to say I was wrong then to explode on me like this was very unprofessional especially when qualified newspaper writers such as Bob Condotta had no problem giving me my much deserve credit on my reporting skills.

In conclusion, I didn't make up this story on Montana I had actual key information reporting to me about Montana which was proven right two weeks later. I also had key information reporting to me that Mike Leach was in Pullman two days before it was announced he was head coach. After taking backlash from people for two straight days he was named head football coach for the Cougars. Bottom line I'm not in this blogging game for personal joy but more so cause I love sports. Just when the chance I get something right(Don't worry I'll admit when I'm wrong too) just give me some credit. For the Huskies program losing Montana is no big loss as they are loaded at the quarterback position. You won't be seeing Joe Montana in the stands anymore which is perhaps the only loss in this whole thing. Anyways I wish Nick Montana luck and will continue listening to KJR believe it or not. At the end of the day we are all rooting for the same teams even if we happen to disagree.

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