Friday, July 1, 2011

What do we got going on around the world in soccer? The transfer window has officially opened and almost a week into the FIFA Women's World Cup.

By Money Mike

So the first time we've hit the globe, we were talking about the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga titles being won, as well as the promotion/relegation fight. But fuck that, let's talk about the present. The summer transfer window has opened today, so lots more moves will be made through August 31, which is where I'll bring up the Seattle Sounders after the ridiculous reports about them making an offer to bring in Djibril Cisse. And hey, the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany got underway on Sunday so we'll go back and see how it's going up to Friday. But before that, let's talk about the transfer period.

Summer transfer window has officially opened:

So the summer transfer window has opened which means you'll see more reports of players packing their bags and leaving for their new club or you'll see reports of teams rejecting offers. Every summer, the stupid media would just talk about the same thing every single time. The rumor about Samir Nasri leaving Arsenal for Manchester United is annoying so why dont everybody just shut up and quit talking about it.

The Seattle Sounders were reportedly on the move to bring in Djibril Cisse after he opted out of his contract with Panathinaikos. However, his agent has denied reports that the Sounders have made an offer of any kind for Cisse. Cisse did say that he would like to play in MLS someday, but at this point, we don't know for sure it will be in 2011. We have Lazio also perusing the French striker. There were also reports that the Sounders have reached an agreement with Austrailian defender Lucas Neill who formally played for Milwall, Blackburn Rovers, West Ham United, Everton and Galatasary. But there are others that say the Sounders are interested in picking up Neill. So it's like I'm starting to fall for some stupid reports.

Women's World Cup:

So the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup kicked off about 6 days ago with France defeating Nigeria 1-0 along with Germany defeating Canada by a count of 2-1 in Group A. All 4 teams in that group have played 2 matches each and Germany and France will be the teams moving onto the Kockout stages and Canada and Nigeria are out. In Group B, Japan have booked their place into the Quarterfinals with four points and sadly for New Zealand, they are out. England and Mexico are still tied for second with 3 points. In Group C, the United States and Sweden are both 1-0 after winning their respective first matches. USA will play at 8:30 am today against Colombia. North Korea are in this group as well, they will play Sweden before our match. USA has made it to at least the semi-finals in six straight World Cups. Of course we know what happened in 2007. Prior to that match, starting goalkeeper Hope Solo was questoinably dropped to the bench for Brianna Scurry which was bullshit. Greg Ryan was the coach in the 2007 World Cup, and that move there, benching Solo was a godawful decision because the next day, the United States loses 4-0 to Brazil. Solo had every right to call him off. Greg Ryan is a Fuckin Punk for doing that crap. You can't live through the past every time, you have to start thinkin about the present. Since that incident, Solo made it back on the pitch and the U.S. defeated Brazil in 2008 to win the Gold Medal in China. Will Hope Solo continue where she left off in 2007? The answer is yes. That was a look around the World in Soccer.

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