Saturday, July 16, 2011

Being pessimistic no way to live life

By Kshell

This past weekend I went to Las Vegas for a friends bachelor party. On the first night I had a rough night gambling lost some money that I can't afford to lose. I was complaining non stop in my hotel room when my friend made a great point which was "you are in Las Vegas with your best friends and living life right now enjoy it". The point of the story is if you look at everything negatively even when you are having a good time you aren't having a good time. Throughout life as a society we tend to worry about the future so much instead of living the moment. My college years for an example I was too busy worrying about money problems since I was broke. What I wish I had done was take in that experience that I'll never have again. I normally write about sports and this also relates to sports as a fan base the die hard fans never enjoy the moment. During college season is the worst half the year you spend talking about your team and the other half is worrying about who is replacing star senior X.

Watching a college sports season is the worst far as talking with other fans. Instead of worrying about the season at hand people are too busy talking about if their recruiting class is good or not, if they are losing a ton of talent or not as well. I've often asked my dad what his favorite college football season ever was and he said 1991. I've asked my dad the most stressful season as a fan and he said it was 1991 and 1992. That is the problem fans and I'm talking the die hards who live and breathe their team don't enjoy the ride. That is the good thing and bad thing about sports is there is always next year. If your team wins a title you celebrate then the next day you worry about replacing all the seniors. If your team is terrible you are hopeful for the recruits you bring in. Then the pessimistic fans will immediately write your college team off if they lose any seniors of value. I'd like to say I'm neither pessimistic or optimistic but I lean towards pessimistic. Years of being a Seattle sports fan leaves one jaded much like a guy who has never had a good relationship can be jaded towards women(hint: me).

I often equate everything to sports teams and women as to me they go hand in hand. I'm a Seattle sports fan my whole life and I'm also 25 and a half years old who has never had a successful relationship. So it's pretty easy to see why I'm so bitter towards the world. In both sports and women(or guys if your a women reading this) they are both similar in that all it takes is one. Look at the Boston area who seems to be winning one title after another in each sport. Prior to 2001 only the Boston Celtics did anything for that city and they hadn't won a title since 1986. Then the New England Patriots caught a break with the tuck rule and won three super bowls, the Red Sox had the most amazing comeback ever coming back from 3-0 to the New York Yankees in 2004, a former Celtic gave away Kevin Garnett to the Celtics and now Tim Thomas caught fire for the Boston Bruins. That's all it takes is one break and the ball could be going well in your favor. Now we all can't date Mila Kunis(she's like the Yankees of women basically she's awesome) but we sure can land an all around attractive girl which is the Seattle sports teams. There is no reason why our city is incapable of winning some titles. Even if Seattle doesn't win some titles it's how you react to losing just like in real life reacting to bad news.

When your sports team loses a crushing game it sucks but it's not the end of the world. We all survived the Sonics collapse in the 1994 playoffs, the Huskies scandal of 1992, Ryan Leaf busting in the NFL, the Mariners choking in the 2001 playoffs and the Seahawks losing the Super Bowl. We all survived 2008 which was the worst sports year ever. The point is we will survive all sorts of news. While in Vegas it appears there is a rule a big event must happened while I'm there. Well while I'm there I found out I was going to be an uncle. My youngest sister is having the baby so I was quite shocked at the time. She will survive and we will survive as a family through this time. Just like with sports if your star player is done for the year or let's say a player leaves free agency in his prime as an organization there is no time to cry but to move on. Well not equating having a kid to a loss but there is steps that need to be taken to move on. When the day becomes closer it will be like the Super Bowl times 10 where I'll be nervous and excited and I doubt I care about any sporting events during that time.

In conclusion, going your life being pessimistic isn't very fun at all. I've lived my life like I do as a sports fan which is being extremely pessimistic and that isn't fun at all. Now I'm not telling people to turn into Doogs but the constant pessimistic views could be decreased. I know this feels like a weird post coming from me and during a ball game I can be extremely critical of my teams. I also realized that isn't the way to be a fan and sometimes being a little bit more supportive is the answer. I think being wrong while showing good intentions is the better way to go through life than being right if your brutally honest. Just remember life is short and with your sports teams they can be taken away at any time therefore enjoy every last minute of them. You never know when your life will be turned upside down or when your team will just pack up and leave. So being pessimistic probably not the best way to go through life.

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