Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mariners management tells the fans to piss off!

By Kshell

The Mariners management yesterday basically said they won't increase payroll this year. In other words this terrible offense that is wasting our wonderful pitching staff is here to stay. The management led by Dumb(Howard Lincoln) and Dumber(Chuck Armstrong) won't allow general manager Jack Zduriencik the freedom to go trade for a much needed bat. The Mariners in fact will most likely trade off Erik Bedard before he reaches all his option clauses in his contract which would pay him up to seven million. So after the news of the Mariners basically saying they aren't trying to actively help this offense the Mariners led by Bedard lost 3-1 today. The offense the past seven games is averaging just 2.2 runs per game as the Mariners are 2-5 despite their starting pitching having an ERA of 1.80 during that stretch. The Mariners management is determine to turn off the fan base though as they don't seem to care that the team isn't scoring runs. The Mariners are 39-40 despite having four starting pitchers with ERA's under 3.20 and all five pitchers have ERA's under 4.00. The Dumb(Lincoln) and Dumber(Armstrong) strike yet again in turning off the fan base.

The Mariners "brain trust" reminded me of the scene from Anchorman when Ron Burgandy looks into the camera at his San Diego audience and says "Go F*ck yourself San Diego!". That is exactly what Lincoln and Armstrong said to the Mariners by once again not going for it. The Mariners offense this year is hitting .228/.296/.338 which ranks last in all three categories. The Mariners also rank dead last in the major leagues in hits despite having Ichiro. The Mariners rank 29th out of 30 teams in runs scored and are averaging just 3.4 runs per game and are currently wasting their starting pitching this year. The Mariners currently have two regulars with batting averages under .200 and a third with an average of .205. The Mariners have just three regulars hitting above .250 not counting Dustin Ackley who was recently called up. The Mariners like I explained yesterday have no major league calibar players in left field or DH. That doesn't even count how Chone Figgins is awful but we are basically stuck with this crappy offense as Dumb(Lincoln) and Dumber(Armstrong) don't seem to give a crap. I'm not surprised one bit as they pulled this same act earlier this decade.

The Mariners earlier this decade had reached back to back American League Championship series losing both times to the New York Yankees in 2000 and 2001. Both times they had a chance to make a big deal to give up some key future pieces like a rumored Juan Gonzalez to Seattle for John Halama, Carlos Guillen and Joel Pineiro deal in 2000. Then again in 2001 the Mariners could have deal Pinerio along with some other guys who never panned out to acquire that ace in Al Leiter. The Mariners main duo who are content on being the Clippers of baseball never once wanted to extend payroll to make that deal. In 2002 the Mariners desperately needed another bat but they wouldn't pull the trigger instead thinking their future was pretty good. The Mariners would end up winning 93 games but missed the playoffs. At the end of the season Lou Piniella would leave town as he was sick of Dumb(Lincoln) and Dumber(Armstrong). The following year the Mariners had the best record in baseball at the trade deadline but were sliding a bit. Once again the Mariners "bain trust" decided not to make a trade once again. After a tough loss all-star reliever Jeff Nelson vented to the press. He said it's ridiculous what they are doing to the fans and how the Mariners were the city of Seattle's best chance of bringing home a title at that time. He went on to say how the Mariners deserved better and how for once he would like to see the team go for it and make a big trade. Well the Mariners actually listened to him and made a big trade by trading Nelson away to the eventual American League Champions New York Yankees. That was a move that turned the fans off as Nelson had the guts to voice what every fan was feeling at the time. At the end of the season Pat Gillick was tired of the Mariners cheap ways so he left. The Mariners who haven't made the playoffs since 2001 have alienated the fan base to the point where nobody is going to the games anymore.

When Safeco Field first opened up it was harder to get a Mariners ticket despite 81 home games than a Seattle Supersonics ticket or Seattle Seahawks ticket. Now the Mariners are getting destroyed by the Seattle Sounders and can't even outdraw the Seattle Storm. This last Friday's game in which Felix Hernandez started and was going to hit saw a little over 15,000 fans at the game. When a popular team comes to town you feel outnumbered in your own stadium. That is what Dumb(Lincoln) and Dumber(Armstrong) have done to this fanbase. They were too concerned about family friendly atmosphere, 1995, hydro boat races and rally fries than about the one thing true fans care about which is winning. This offense is pathetic so there isn't much excitement for the fans and the team has lost over 90 games four times since 2004. The fans are sick and tired of being stepped on which I'm happy to see. I was annoyed from 2004-2008 the fans would pack the house as if they were accepting of the crappy product. The fans have spoken the last two years which is we are tired of this act. So if the Mariners actually don't make any moves then proceed this offseason to make no moves look for attendance to reach Montreal Expos(under 10,000 fans) level next season. This recent news makes frustrated with these morons who are running the show.

In conclusion, the Mariners upper management is telling the fans to piss off yet again. I'm not saying to sell off the farm system but the Mariners should be active. Having a pitching staff like the one they have they might not ever get this production for another 40 plus seasons. The Mariners this year currently have three aces and two really good back of the rotation guys. I'm pissed off at the fact the Mariners are willing to just let this rotation piss down the toilet like it's not big deal. I'm sure you'll hear people say the future is bright and I say to that bullshit! Our pitching prospects are nice and could just as easily turn out to be Ryan Anderson, Ken Cloude and Gil Meche as well. Whenever you have an opportunity to win a title you go for it and worry about the future later. The time is now with this pitching staff and if the Mariners had just an average offense they would win the World Series. With the injury to Roy Oswalt to the Philadelphia Phillies the Mariners have the best rotation in baseball. Once again this season will be wasted just like the 2000-2003 era was wasted because they have one thing in common. They are ran by Dumb(Lincoln) and Dumber(Armstrong). The Mariners are one of two teams to never reach a World Series and Armstrong has been part of this organization for 25 plus years. I know the fans are finally getting frustrated and I hope the Mariners management realizes the days of dicking us fans around have been over for about two seasons. So have fun next year at Safeco with less than 15,000 fans since Dumb(Lincoln) and Dumber(Armstrong) won't do jack shit as usual.

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