Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why you should root for the Vancouver Canucks

By Kshell

One of the greatest events in sports is taking place at 5 p.m. this Wednesday which will draw in the casual fan such as myself. I'm talking about game seven of the Stanley Cup. This year features the Vancouver Canucks and the Boston Bruins. Even though the Bruins have outscored the Canucks 19-8 in this series the series is tied up due to the Canucks winning all three games at home which game seven will take place in. The Canucks who have never won the stanley cup in their 40 year history will try for the third time in franchise history to bring home the cup. The Bruins are trying to win their first stanley cup since 1972 so both teams have had quite the drought. Now I'll explain in this following post why the casual fan such as myself should be rooting for the Canucks. I'll explain why an NHL fan should be rooting for the Canucks as well. I'll lay out my reasoning on why most people who read this blog should be rooting for the Canucks.

The main reason to root for the Canucks is pretty simple the area of Boston has already enjoyed way too many titles. So what that the Bruins haven't won in almost 40 years? You think you'll get any sympathy from people in the northwest? That area since January of 2002 has seen three super bowl wins, four super bowls overall, two world series wins, one NBA finals wins and two NBA Finals overall. You know what this area has to show during that span? One Super Bowl and that was a loss. So it sucks that the Bruins haven't won a stanley cup in forever but complaining about that sounds like Cubs fans complaining. Yes the Cubs haven't won in over 100 years but the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bears sure have. Same goes for Boston complaining about the Bruins when they have 17 NBA championships, three super bowls and a baseball team with two world series while being the favorites to win this year. Plus do you guys really want to hear Bill Simmons write another column on how Boston sports is awesome? I thought so I'd rather hear him bitch and complain making excuses. The city of Boston has enjoyed way too much success just like New York fans bitching about how the Yankees had nine years inbetween World Series. Get over it guys in Seattle we haven't won a title since 1979 and Portland since 1977. While Vancouver well try never. The city deserves a title over Boston that is for sure.

If you live in the state of Washington you can drive to Vancouver B.C. in o ne day. Although they are in a different country and it's debatable if they are northwest one thing is true is that Vancouver is more like Seattle/Portland than Boston is. The Canucks are the closest NHL team that we have up here in the Northwest. The only time I was in Vancouver I felt like I was in the United States and had a great time there. If you were going to get into the NHL best adopt the Canucks since they are a good team and you could attend a game in person by simply driving. Vancouver is like a sister city to Seattle and we have more in common with their people than we do with people from Boston. Most likely the people you interact with who are NHL fans are fans of the Canucks. In my case I'm not really into the NHL but I root for the Canucks because I know how much it will mean to my friends. Don't be the douchebag who wants everyone to be miserable and root for the Bruins. Don't be that guy instead be the person who roots on the Canucks and then make sure to personally congratulate your friends who are life long Canucks fans if they do win the stanley cup.

The last reason is the Canucks have already lost a game seven of the stanley cup finals to the New York Rangers. Yes the Canucks lost to the team that never wins ever. While the rest of the nation was so happy that hte Rangers ended their curse they forgot that the Canucks also had never won a stanley cup. The Canucks that year were the 7th seed and in the first round down 3-1 rallied to win three straight overtime games to upset the 2nd seeded Calgary Flames. Then in the second round the Canucks destroyed the 4th seeded Dallas Stars in five games. Then upset the third seeded Toronto Maple Leafs in five games as well. This was basically their 1995 Mariners season where they refused to lose. Then in the Stanley Cup finals against the #1 seeded New York Rangers the Canucks stole game one in New York 3-2 in overtime. The Canucks however would lose the next three games including two out home where they were outscored 9-3. Then in game five in New York they won 6-3 then returned home to win 4-l forcing a game seven. The Canucks had momentum which quickly disappeared as they fell behind 2-0 at the end of the first period. The Canucks would battle back to pull within 3-2 but couldn't get that one last goal ultimately losing the cup four games to three. Losing that game seven has haunted the Canucks and the city of Vancouver as they were so close.

Then when you add in the fact they finally got an NBA team the Vancouver Grizzlies which lasted only five seasons which included Steve Francis refusing to go there. Then the 2010 Olympics had some weather problems and you realize the city of Vancouver like Seattle has dealt with a ton of bullshit. They got their NBA team stolen by a bunch of hicks like us and know how losing a painful championship series/game feels. Unlike 1994 the Canucks have had the best record and will host this game seven. It's time to root on the Canucks for all the reasons above.

In conclusion, hopefully first of all you watch this game seven as it's going to be a terrific atmosphere. The city of Vancouver is starving for a title and hopefully the Canucks don't play tight at home because of it. This is going to be a great game between two great goaltenders when they are on their "A" game. Hopefully the reasons I listed is enough to convince you that rooting for the Canucks is the only option. The city of Boston has tasted enough success for one decade that should last them a lifetime. While the city of Vancouver and fans of this region in general haven't had any major success in the last 30 years. Although I'm not a Canucks fan or an NHL fan I know people who are. I hope for their sake the Canucks can finally bring home the cup. I hope for the city of Vancouver sake they finally win a championship. I'd rather see a city where I can drive to in one day win a title than some east coast city win yet another championship. The choice is pretty clear guys go root for the Canucks and if they win the Stanley Cup make sure to congratulate all the long suffering Canucks fans. I know if they win there will be a few people I'll get a hold of for sure.

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