Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mavericks win first ever championship! Eliminate Heat in six games 105-95

By Kshell

The Dallas Mavericks led by Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki defeated the Miami Heat 105-95 in Miami to win the NBA championship in six games. For the Mavericks a team who most of America was pulling for because their roster is full of guys who came so painfully close to a title this day will last forever in their memories. For the super team known as the Heat who did their best to embarass the NBA this entire season they fall short. The main guy who created the circus Lebron James had a very average NBA Finals. The Heat scoffed at the notion of winning one title as they predicted seven titles will have to wait another year before they even win one title. For the Mavericks though this has to feel great exorcising the 2006 demons led by Nowitzki who scored 21 points today and was once again huge in the second half. One team led by their star had class throughout this entire season and in Nowitzki's case his whole career. They defeated the team who has shown no class and in James case hasn't his entire career.

In the first quarter Lebron James got off to a hot start scoring nine points in the first four minutes making his first four shots. The Heat went on a 12-1 run to lead 20-11 as it appeared they were finally going to take control of the series. Then with the Heat leading 22-15 the Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki picked up his second foul. It was the Mavericks not the Heat who responded with a 17-2 run to lead 32-24 before Eddie House hit a three pointer before the quarter ended to cut the Mavericks lead to 32-27. The Heat were led by James who had nine points on four for seven shooting including a three pointer and three assists. Chris Bosh scored seven points on two for two shooting. Wade had just four points on two for five shooting. The Mavericks were led by Jason Terry who scored nine points on four for six shooting including a three pointer. J.J. Barea scored six points on three for four shooting, Shawn Marion had six points on two for five shooting with four rebounds. While Dirk Nowitzki had just two points on one for three shooting. The Mavericks would continue their hot run into the second quarter.

The Mavericks extended their lead to 40-28 in the second quarter. Add it all up they were on a 25-6 run which had quieted the already pathetic Miami crowd. Then the Heat sat Lebron James and the Heat played their best basketball all Finals going on a 14-0 run to take a 42-40 lead. Eddie House who hadn't played hardly at all hit two three pointers during that run. Then after that it was back and forth as the Mavericks would regain the lead 53-51 at halftime. The Mavericks were up due to Jason Terry who had 19 points on 8-10 shooting and was three for five from three pointers. DeShawn Stevenson added nine points on three for four shooting from three pointers. Marion added eight points on three for seven shooting while Barea had six points. The Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki had just three points on 1-12 shooting and they led. The Mavericks continued their hot shooting making 21-43(48.8%) from the field and 7-14(50.0%) from three pointers.

The Heat felt fortunate to be in the game after yet another large run they allowed which almost burried their season. The Heat were led by James who scored 11 points on five for nine shooting but missed both free throws. Wade scored nine points on three for eight shooting but had six rebounds and six assists. Bosh scored nine points on three for four shooting with four rebounds. Eddie House provided a spark off the bench with nine points on three three pointers. Mario Chalmers making his first start of the postseason scored seven points on two for six shooting but had three free throws. The Heat one half to determine if their season would end in disappointment or continue.

In the third quarter is when the Mavericks started to put the Heat away extending their lead to 81-72 outscoring the Heat 28-21. Led by Nowitzki in the third who shot better going three of seven for eight points in the quarter. The Mavericks continued their hot shooting making 10-20(50.0%) from three point range. They were led by Terry who had 21 points 9-12 shooting including three three pointers. Barea was big with 10 points and five assists on five for eight shooting. For the Heat they had themselves to blame making just 5-15(33.3%) from three point range and 15-26(57.6%)from the free throw line. The Heat were led by Bosh who had 16 points on six for seven sh ooting. Role players like Udonis Haslem also stepped up scoring 10 points with six rebounds on four seven shooting. James had 14 points on 6-10 but was passive yet again. While Wade was struggling scoring 13 points on 4-12 shooting. The Heat had just one final quarter to avoid being the laughing stock of the NBA.

In the fourth quarter the Heat basically gave up as the Mavericks led by seven points or more the entire quarter. When the buzzer had sounds the Mavericks had won the title 105-95. Nowitzki once again the fourth stepped up big scoring 10 points on five for eight shooting. Terry added six points in the fourth as well. James scored seven in the fourth but three of which were meaningless. The Mavericks had won the title by making 11-26(42.3%) of their three pointers. They were led by Terry who scored 27 points on 11-16 shooting including three three pointers. Nowitzki scored 21 points on on 9-27 shooting but added 11 rebounds. Barea added 15 points on 7-12 shooting including a three pointer with five assists. Marion scored 12 points with eight rebounds and Jason Kidd scored nine points with eight assists. The Mavericks bench scored 43 points while the starters scored 62 points showing it was a total team effort unlike their foes.

For the Miami Heat their season was championship or bust not seen since the 2004 Los Angeles Lakers. Just like that Lakers team they lost to a team in the finals who had just one all-star. The Heat were led by James who scored 21 points on 9-15 shooting including two of five from three point range. He had four rebounds and six assists but six costly turnovers and was just one of four from the free throw line. Bosh scored 19 points on on seven for nine shooting with eight rebounds. Wade scored 17 points while shooting just 6-16 including missing all four three point attempts. Wade would finish with six assists and eight rebounds. Chalmers making his first start would have 18 points on 5-12 shooting including two three's and seven assists. Haslem gave the Heat 11 points and nine rebounds off the bench and House scored nine points. For the Heat when they had their celebration after winning the offseason championship didn't vision losing on their home court like this.

All in all, this will be remembered much like the 2004 Finals where the Heat lost more so than the Mavericks winning. Which is a shame since the Mavericks paid their dues. As a Seahawks fan who was also robbed by the refs in our only championship game I'd love to get that opportunity again to go against Pittsburgh. The Mavericks not only won the title but erased the stink of the 2006 NBA Finals and the 2007 playoffs. A team who most had picked to lose in the first round is now the NBA champions. A roster full of guys who have been so close and none of which had a championship ring. For the Miami Heat them losing brought the whole country together much like when Penn State beat the Miami Hurricanes(why is Miami full of dicks?) in the 1986 national title. The Heat will go down as one of the biggest flops in NBA history. For tonight though the Mavericks won their first ever title and for Nowitzki nobody is laughing at Rick Carisle now. Nowitzki probably moves past Charles Barkley, Kevin Garnett and maybe even Karl Malone on the all-time power forwards list. For a guy who was loyal it was good to see loyalty pay off. See it doesn't always pay to run to chase a title. Sometimes it's best to just lure players to your team instead. That is what Nowitzki did and he has a ring now while James has to wait yet another season.


- At the Heat's arena there was a ton of blue shirts there. The Mavericks had made the trip to Miami to invade the Heat's pathetic fan base. Back home in Dallas they sold out their arena as they freaked out when they won the title. The feeling those fans have well I can't relate as Seattle has never given me that joy. Dallas has had a good sports year and have won five super bowls but haven't won a championship in their city since January of 1996. For this fan base it must be pretty cool to see the Mavericks finally win the title.

My mom was recently in Dallas during their Western Conference Finals run. She even bought me a Mavericks coffee mug so I'll always have a story to tell. I'll joke how that is the $500 coffee mug(that's how much I would have won if Lebron James gave a shit) when I drink out of it. The city of Dallas deserves this more than Miami's horrible fans. Kind of a joke they have this great team and don't appreciate them. Move them to Seattle I'm sure we would actually sell out our games.

- Chris Bosh the only guy on the Heat who actually improved his perception after this season. Bosh had his bumps but for the most part stepped up in the playoffs especially on the big stage like the Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals. He struggled the first two games in Miami but since then played pretty well.

In the NBA Finals Bosh averaged 18.5 PPG and 7.3 RPG. Bosh had shot 38-92(41.3%) considering he was 9-34 to start off the series that isn't that bad. He was also pretty aggressive getting to the free throw line making 35-45(77.7%) of his free throws. For the playoffs Bosh averaged 18.6 PPG and 8.5 RPG. He shot 138-291(47.4%) from the field including a finals game winner. He made 114-140(81.4%) from the free throw line. I think it would be a huge mistake to trade away Bosh which is why Bill Simmons is a moron.

- Lebron James and Dwyane Wade look by far the biggest horses ass in these playoffs. Wade took the Eastern Conference Finals off and James took the NBA Finals off. Both didn't play well in game six which was the most important game of the season. For Wade he had a great finals and already has a finals MVP. He'll take heat for celebrating too soon on his three pointer in game two and the way he made fun of Nowitzki for being sick. Wade though averaged 26.5 PPG, 5.2 APG and 7.0 RPG. He also added 1.5 steals a game and 1.5 blocks a game. Wade shot 59-108(54.6%) from the field and 34-49(69.3%) from the free throw line. Wade showed up these Finals so the amount of crap he'll take will be some but for James on the other hand.

Well for Lebron James he wasn't awful this Finals but at times you didn't know he was on the court which is just as bad. In the third quarter he would pass the ball to seldomly used reserve Juwon Howard despite being five feet from the hoop. Lebron in these finals was very average a far cry from the Boston and Chicago series where both teams are better defensively. James averaged 17.8 PPG, 7.2 RPG and 6.8 APG which doesn't look bad to the naked eye. He shot 43-96(44.7%) from the field and 9-28(32.1%) from three point range. He attempted just 20 free throws in six games making only 12 of them for 60.0%. He also averaged four turnovers a game. In the fourth quarter James scored just 18 points counting his seven today. He scored zero "clutch" points which is points under five minutes when the game is within five points. James stats doesn't suggest he totally crapped the bed but he did. One thing to suck because shots aren't falling like he wants to pretend. When in reality he was scared often taking one dribble then passing the ball. His press conference after the game proves he is a loser. The great ones have it and right now today he doesn't. How many times do we have to blame his teammates or head coach when it's painfully obvious he can't get the job done when his team needs him. The whole nation is onto you Lebron and your days of fooling the nation are hopefully over.

- For Jason Kidd, Jason Terry, Tyson Chandler, Shawn Marion and of course Dirk Nowitzki who all came so painfully close they finally have a title. For Kidd he wasn't great this series but came along these playoffs after a bad regular season. In the NBA Finals Kidd averaged 7.6 PPG, 6.3 APG and 4.5 RPG. He shot 14-36(38.9%) from the field and 12-28(42.8%) from three point range. Kidd who had been to the NBA Finals back to back years with the New Jersey Nets finally has his ring.

For Jason Terry he had a monster series after a slow first three games. Terry averaged 18.0 PPG(21.7 PPG last three games) while shooting 38-77(49.3%) from the field and 11-28(39.2%) from three point range. Chandler averaged 9.7 PPG and 8.8 RPG. Marion averaged 13.7 PPG and 6.3 RPG plus helped contain Lebron James. For the Mavericks these guys paid their dues but with all due respect one guy really paid his dues for this franchise so he'll get his separate paragraph.

- Be careful about writing off Lebron James as everyone wrote off Dirk Nowitzki after the 2006 and then 2007 playoffs. He was "soft" and could never lead a team to a title many including myself thought. Now Nowitzki is finals MVP and I'd put him over Barkley and Garnett possibly even Malone. For this series Nowitzki averaged 26.0 PPG and 9.7 RPG. Nowitzki didn't shoot that well shooting just 52-125(41.6%) from the field. Nowitzki made up for it by getting to the free throw line. He shot 45-46(97.8%) from the charity stripe and 7-19(36.8%) from three point range. Nowitzki was really big in the fourth quarter scoring 62(10.3 ppg) points. It's not about how many points you score but when you score them. For Nowitzki the man who didn't bail on the Mavericks when times were down he scored plenty of big points.

In conclusion, the Mavericks proved that being classy does pay off in the end. The Mavericks flew under the radar all season long where nobody thought they could win the title. Now they are the champions and were the better team as the series wore on. The Heat had their chance to put this series away early like the 2006 Mavericks had done to the Heat. The Heat I'm sure will have another circus offseason which could include trading Bosh and firing Spoelstra who was badly outcoached by Rick Carisle. Like I said earlier we can blame the coaches and role players but ultimately Lebron James choked down the stretch. While the Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzki came through even in their teams losses time and time again. Nowitzki will never have to hear how he's soft again. Crazy a year ago if you had a poll on best power forward most would say Pau Gasol. I think Nowitzki proved to every who the real best power forward is and was. For Nowitzki this is his night and he deserves it. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban bought a crappy franchise and made them winners. Now the Mavericks are the ultimate winners of them all. The Heat had the offseason championship parade but the Mavericks will have the championship parade the Heat can only wish they had. Nowitzki showed that staying loyal and having class is the way to go. Nowitzki acted like a champion and now he is a champion. While James acted like a chump since he's entered the league and still remains a chump without a ring. Funny how the sports gods once in a while throws the nation a bone. The Mavericks are the good guys and they deserved this championship especially Nowitzki.

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