Sunday, September 12, 2010

Huskies-Syracuse Game Experience

By Kshell

Seattle Sportsblog: I'm going to the Huskies game tomorrow. My prediction for the game is Huskies 41, Syracuse 20. I think Jake Locker and the offense explodes.Friday at 8:25pm

The Huskies behind Jermaine Kearse and Jake Lockers big day prevailed over the Orangemen 41-20 just as I had predicted on Friday night. The Huskies overcame a 10-0 early deficit and once the offense settled in there was no looking back.

The Huskies leading just 13-10 at halftime erupted in the second half. The Dawgs came out and scored in just 20 seconds when Jake Locker hit a simple 6 yard out to Jermaine Kearse which turned into a 57 yard touchdown pass. Later on in the quarter Locker would hit Kearse again for 28 yards and the touchdown.

Jermaine Kearse would end the game with 9 receptions for 179 yards with 3 touchdowns and not one of those grabs was on a long bomb which he is typically known for. With Kearse having a big day that allowed Aguilar to have a big game as well. Aguilar would have 7 receptions for 80 yards and a touchdown to make the score 41-20.

Jake Locker looked very Heisman worthy today completing 22 of 33 passes for 289 yards and 4 touchdowns. In fact Locker looks like an NFL drop back quarterback. He very rarely runs and makes NFL throws across the field on out routes that can't be taught.

Overall it was nice the see the Huskies overcome adversity and come out with a win. This is the Dawgs first home opener win since 2007 when they defeated Boise State 24-10. The Huskies will get a good test these next two games with #8 Nebraska coming into two then in three weeks playing at #14 USC.

-Once again the special teams is making Husky fans groan. For the second straight week the Huskies defense has forced a three and out and the special teams has committed a dumb penalty which allowed the opposing offense to stay on the field. This week after a terrible kick off coverage that penalty cost the Huskies a touchdown as Syracuse took advantage of that mistake.

-Where has Jake Lockers running go? Locker had just 18 yards rushing on 4 carries. Last week he had just 29 yards on 11 carries. I've never seen Jake get tripped up by defensive lineman and that has happened at least three times this season.

-Jake Locker now dating back to last year has thrown for 10 touchdowns to zero interceptions in his last three games. Locker isn't as dangerous as he once was but he is more polished as a passer. He has proven before he can play well at home and is still learning. This is basically Lockers just 2nd year in his entire life of coaching(Sarkisian). In highschool he ran the wing-T and his 3 years under Willingham was a total waste.

-Chris Polk is still really good. Polk grinds away the tough yards finishing with 117 yards and a career long touchdown run of 52 yards. Chris Polk also fumbled the ball two times today one leading to a Syracuse touchdown. That can't happen next week.

- Erik Kohler made three bad penalties. He is also a true freshman and already starting which says several things. It shows you how talented him and Colin Porter(who also played) are. It also shows you how weak the rest of the offensive lineman are that two true freshman are taking snaps away from them. Don James once said a best time to play a freshman is when they are juniors. Having true freshman on the offensive line is a bold statement towards your older offensive lineman.

-The defense showed me something today. They allowed 20 points but 14 of those points were gifts. The defense dialed it up and were blitzing plenty of times including some corner blitzes. The defense has three sacks and missed on three other sacks. The defense had an interception and forced some fumbles and were all over the field. I also noticed Nick Holt has his corners right up on the receivers and leaves them on an island. That will create big plays but I'm glad the Dawgs have an agressive attacking defense.

-The Punt team is going to lose the Dawgs a game this year. So many times today a punt was almost blocked and the punts were straight line drives with zero hang time. I'm afraid Nebraska might block a punt for a touchdown or bust a punt for a touchdown.

Pre-Game/Post Game:
-Traffic rant coming up. Okay guys the far left lane is for passing only! So in that lane unless you are passing somebody get over. So many times today people were putt putting along in the left lane. I even had a boat in the left lane it was horrible. It drives me nuts and its annoying. Okay rant over!

-Tailgating in September is great. I started off in the E1 lot then went to the Zone. At the Zone it was a great atmosphere and I think thats a great idea by UW fans. I must have seen every Syracuse fan there because they had nothing. I ran into Softy Mahler and knew the best way to get his attention was to mention how I'm the Seattle Sports Blog.

-Tailgating on the boats was a blast. I've never been out there and that was quite the experience. It was so hot out. I'm used to go to games in November where I'm adding on layers of clothes not pealing off layers.

-The crowd was great and loud like usual. My one complaint is on third downs everyone stand up and get loud. Its pretty terrible where I look like an ass for standing up on third downs and having people ask me to sit down. I of course sat down but was dissapointed.

-I wish Husky Stadium had actual seats like Qwest Field. The bleachers suck and its not fair for small people as they get their seats jacked. I also think it should be like an airplane rule if you are of a certain size you should have to buy two tickets.

-After the game I stopped by Azteca restraurent in the U district down the street from the QFC. The service was great, the food was great, the salsa was hot and spicy just how I like it. I recommend going there after games.

-No matter how old you get nothing beats going to the game with your Dad. He has taken me to games since I was 10 years old and now I'm repaying him the favor. I appreciate every moment talking to him about Husky Football

Well guys I hope you enjoyed my game experience and my observations. Take care guys I'm a little worn out.

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  1. Great Day for a Husky Season Opener!

    Enjoy though our tailgate was off campus ... still a great day!

    The noise was good ... but needs to be great against Nebraska!