Monday, March 19, 2012

Seahawks sign former Packers backup quarterback Flynn to three year deal

By Kshell

The Seattle Seahawks are hoping to strike gold once again at the quarterback position. The Seahawks signed Packers backup quarterback Matt Flynn to a three year 19 million dollar deal that can be up to 26 million with 10 guaranteed. I wrote about this scenario last month about is Matt Flynn the answer? Well Pete Carroll is hoping he is the answer as his career in Seattle will be defined by what Flynn will do. Carroll whiffed on Charlie Whitehurst and Tarvaris Jackson. He is hoping now that Flynn can produce for him much like Matt Hasselbeck produced for Mike Holmgren. Now that Flynn is in Seattle fans are wondering just who is Matt Flynn? Where did he come from and why are fans so excited about acquiring him?

Matt Flynn was a seventh round pick by the Green Packers out of LSU Tigers. Current Seahawks General Manager John Schneider did give Flynn a fourth round grade. Flynn in his career at LSU passed for 3,096 yards(7.1 YPA) with 31 touchdowns to 13 interceptions while completing 56.1% of his passes. His first three years he sat behind eventual #1 pick overall JaMarcus Russell. During his senior year at LSU in the 2007 season Flynn completed 56.3% of his passes for 2,407 yards(6.7 YPA) with 21 touchdowns to 11 interceptions. He also led the Tigers to a national championship that year as the Tigers defeated the Ohio State Buckeyes to win the national championship. Flynn like I stated wasn't a big prospect coming out of college as he fell to the 7th round being the 209th pick overall. Flynn was drafted by the Packers not knowing if he'd even make the team since Brett Favre was coming off a pro bowl season and Aaron Rodgers who was already a first round pick had been sitting for three seasons. The Packers also chose Brian Brohm from Louisville in the second round to compete with Rodgers just in case Favre were to retire. Basically Flynn was a complete after thought of that draft. Then Favre retired that offseason then came back but the Packers decided to cut Favre loose opening a roster spot for Flynn.

In Flynn's first two years in Green Bay he sat behind Aaron Rodgers and had attempted only 17 pass attempts. Then during the third year Rodgers got a little banged up which allowed Flynn to make a start against the New England Patriots who had the best record in the NFL. In that game the Packers barely lost on the road 31-27 on Sunday Night Football but Flynn had made a name for himself. Flynn in that game was 24 for 37 passing(64.9%) for 251 yards(6.8 YPA) for three touchdowns to one interception. Then during the 2011 season Rodgers was enjoying an MVP season. As the Packers had wrapped up the #1 seed in the NFC the final game of the year was Flynn's chance to shine as he started against the playoff bound Detroit Lions. The Packers won that shootout 45-41 as Flynn impressed many scouts during that win. Flynn was 31 for 44 passing(70.5%) for 480 yards(12.6 YPA) with six touchdowns(new Packers record) to just one interception. That is when most figured Flynn was in for a big payday this offseason.

The market ended up drying up for Flynn as teams were scared that he could bust out like Matt Cassell and Kevin Kolb recently did. Due to those quarterbacks struggles the Seahawks signed Flynn to  a fair market deal and are hoping this is their new quarterback of the future. Flynn was signed by Schneider a guy who had drafted him in the 7th round but gave him a 4th round grade. Carroll has no acquired three quarterbacks in Seattle all of which were backups the year before. Unlike the previous two Flynn has actually showed some promise in the NFL. The Seahawks are a 7-9 team with five pro bowlers which features a top 10 defense. Flynn can be the guy to get the Seahawks over the hump much like Hasselbeck was this past decade.

The Seahawks made the smart safe move on a position that badly needed to be addressed. Carroll isn't emptying his checkbook on Flynn which will allow the Seahawks to boost their other needs in the draft and through free agency. Now with the 12th pick overall the Seahawks are now in a position to draft the best player available instead of reaching for a quarterback. I predict the Seahawks will draft a quarterback still probably in the third-fifth round range to develope him just in case Flynn doesn't work out. The great part about this deal is if Flynn doesn't work out the Seahawks are paying him slightly above good backup quarterback money so they can still acquire another quarterback. If Flynn works out he'll earn his bonuses therefore he'll be happy in Seattle. This was a move that had to be done and I'm glad the Seahawks have a new quarterback in town.

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