Thursday, November 8, 2012

Seahawks reaping rewards for their patience on rookie Wilson

By Kshell

The Seattle Seahawks are currently sitting right in the mix of the playoff race at 5-4 on the season. A big reason for the Seahawks optimism is the improved play of rookie quarterback Russell Wilson. Wilson came under scrutiny after the Seahawks 2-2 star where he wasn't playing that well. Even I had jumped off the bandwagon and suggested that Pete Carroll go with Matt Flynn. Since that poor game in St. Louis the play calling has allowed Wilson to open it up a little bit more. Wilson since that game has played well vs Carolina, was terrific against New England, played bad vs the 49ers(tons of drops), played well vs Detroit and again was terrific vs Minnesota. Wilson currently leads all rookie quarterbacks with 13 passing touchdowns(yes more than Luck and RGIII). Wilson has rewarded Carroll's faith in him and the Seahawks are looking like a dangerous team.

What do the names Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Tony Romo and Cam Newton have in common? They all lost to Russell Wilson. Wilson has came a long ways since the beginning of the year. Some of that is due to the running game of Marshawn Lynch who has ran for 881 yards this year on 4.8 YPC with four touchdowns. Lynch is second in the NFL in rushing yards which has allowed Wilson to grow as a quarterback. The defense has also allowed Wilson to grow as the defense currently ranks third in points allowed and fourth in yards allowed. Due to that the Seahawks were able to survive Wilson's growing pains the first four weeks when they were only 2-2. Wilson in the last four weeks Wilson's play as improved greatly.

Wilson on the year is 145-234(62.0%) passing for 1,639 yards(7.0 YPA) with 13 touchdowns to 8 interceptions. He has also rushed for 155 yards and has a quarterback rating of 87.2. Now in the previous four weeks he has been exceptionally well. In those four games Wilson has been 66-109(60.6%) passing for 824 yards(7.6 YPA) with eight touchdowns to only two interceptions. He has ran for 63 yards and has a 100.9 quarterback rating.

The play of Wilson lately has been refreshing to watch as has the play of wide receivers Sidney Rice and Golden Tate. Sidney Rice this year has caught 32 passes for 421 yards(13.2 YPC) with four touchdowns. In the last four weeks he has caught 15 passes for 222 yards(14.8 YPC) with three touchdowns. Golden Tate has 24 receptions for 283 yards(11.8 YPC) with five touchdowns. In the last four games Tate has caught 14 passes for 139 yards(9.9 YPC) with two touchdowns.

The Seahawks offense only averaged 17.2 points per game in the first five weeks. In the past four games the offense is averaging 21 points per game. The play of Wilson has stopped fans from chanting "put in Matt Flynn" and appreciate that the Seahawks are growing as a franchise. The Seahawks are the type of team who is going to improve as the season goes on mainly cause they stuck with Wilson. Carroll sticking with Wilson will pay dividends like it did for Mike Holmgren when he stuck with Matt Hasselbeck. If the Seahawks make the playoffs fans should give the credit to Carroll for not pressing the panic button after the week four loss to the St.Louis Rams. Wilson's play recently has proven that the franchise is going in the right direction and that Wilson is the quarterback for this franchise for years to come.

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