Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sonics fans should boycott these people!

By Kshell

Despite the great news of the arena deal being passed there are still those who are doing whatever they can to kill this plan last minute. Their voices don't matter as the NBA and NHL is coming to Seattle where they  like it or not. Chris Hansen bought the land in the SODO(south downtown Seattle for those who don't know) area with the intentions of building an arena there. The tax payers are getting the best deal in U.S. sports history and he will pay back all his debt. Hansen is doing whatever he can to get a team to Seattle even if it bankrupts himself. For that the city should praise this man instead he is met with some much difficulty. The port of Seattle continues to bring up useless points that aren't factual at all. The Seattle Times editorials are done by the same group of elderly people that nobody cares about what they say. Then lastly our Seattle Mariners led by dumb(Howard Lincoln) and dumber(Chuck Armstrong) are opposing the arena despite them bending the tax payers over with a highway robbery deal for Safeco Field in their favor.

I think all Sonics fans should never forget who is against this arena plan and do everything in their power legally to bring them down. The best way to hurt a man is in his pockets. The Seattle Mariners who have shit on their fans ever since 2004 with one last place finish after another are going out of their way to oppose this deal. Sure this arena could hurt their business but you don't see the Seattle Seahawks or Sounders openly protesting now do you? That is because both teams are committed to winning so they don't have to worry about lack of fan support unlike Chuck Armstrong and Howard Lincoln.

The Mariners appear to be building something special after they set a record for most wins by a minor league organization in baseball history. The Mariners should welcome this competition and realize this could help them. When the Sonics have a night game schedule a day game so you have a sports double header. The Mariners also caught a huge break that tax payers are still paying for Safeco Field. You would think a team who is going to finish last place for the third straight year and seventh time in the last nine years wouldn't be causing trouble. You would think a team who had the best stadium deal in their favor and worst for tax payers would keep their mouths shut. So I propose nobody go to their games anymore until these guys sell the team.

Now the port of Seattle people also need to shut up. They are just jealous because the port of Tacoma is killing their business due to better freeway access to their port unlike Seattle. The port of Seattle is also just trying to get some money out of Chris Hansen. It is sad that these greedy guys(who all make more money than most reading this post) are pretending to be upset only to extract money from Hansen.

The other villain in all this is the Seattle Times who has gone out of their way to not support this new arena. The Times who in the past did their best to destroy Husky football in 1993 with the backstabbing to the program. Then in 2007 the same Times who ran a piece focusing on some bad eggs on the 2000 Rose Bowl championship Husky team instead of the good guys on the team. If you haven't already I suggest quit reading the Times and never buy one of their newspapers again. All the editorials are from those who oppose the arena who never bring up any facts at all.

At the end of the day the arena is going to be built regardless of what these idiots say or do. Hansen will instantly become a million times more popular than Chuck and Howard ever were. The NHL will also be coming to Seattle for the first time ever which will give our fans another chance to experience a big time sport. I just hope fans remember this act of betrayal by these groups. I won't forget how big of babies the Mariners were in this situation since they haven't given us any reason to cheer since 2004. On the positive the NBA and NHL will be in Seattle soon which is a good thing. This city desperately needs good teams and the Mariners aren't providing that. I can't wait until the NBA and NHL are here as this arena is being built. For all those who fought for this arena a big thank you to you guys! Just remember if you are thinking about supporting the Mariners, Port of Seattle or the Seattle Times remember how they did their best to prevent the NBA and NHL coming here. For that those groups shouldn't receive any more money from our fans.


  1. Don't forget about those in the king and city councils who opposed this. Vote for Ferguson over Dunn!

  2. Yes remember the politicians who opposed this and don't vote for these guys either!