Tuesday, September 11, 2012

News of arena deal is Suuuuuuuuuuper!

By Kshell

The city council  has come to an agreement with the Chris Hansen ownership group to build a new arena. That means our Seattle Supersonics are finally coming home.  Not only will the NBA return to Seattle but with this new arena for the  first time in Seattle history we should be getting a new NHL team. The news couldn't have came at a better time given that the Seahawks opened the season with a loss, Huskies were embarrassed in a big game once again the Seattle Mariners are headed towards their third straight last place finish. A piece of my childhood is returning when the Sonics are here. I wrote last year in April of 2011 how much I missed the Sonics as they were the first ever sporting event I ever attended. There is one man who should drink for free for the rest of his life in Seattle and that is Chris Hansen who made this all happen.

Chris Hansen is doing his civic duty much like Paul Allen did with the Seahawks back in 1996. Hansen is a rich guy who gets it. He is a fan and although the city of Seattle put him through the ringer he never gave up. Hansen should be a legend in this city if not already. The joy he is going to bring to so many in this community cannot be measured. I wish there would be more rich people in this world like Mr. Hansen is willing to risk millions of his own dollars so his childhood team that he loves can finally return home. The NBA did the original Sonics wrong but never once has Hansen been negative in his campaign to bring the team back. That is what I like most about Hansen he seems to connect with the fans which is the opposite of how the Mariners ownership is.

During this whole ordeal the fans of Seattle have shown over and over again our love for the Sonics. During game two of the NBA Finals there was a rally held to bring the Sonics back. The rally was clean too there was no name calling of Oklahoma City it was all pro Sonics which is what I enjoyed the most. Sonics fans like myself have moved on from the terrible thing that happened in 2008 as we realized dwelling on the past won't do any good. This movement which was started by the Sonicsgate guys when they made this this wonderful movie documenting the Sonics leaving. For many of us the Sonics were the only consistent thing in our lives sports wise. They have the most tradition among our pro teams. For my dad(born in 1961) he remembers the Sonics going to the Finals his junior year in 1978 and then winning the title in 1979. For me(born in 1985) I remember growing up in the 1990's when the Sonics were winning 55+ games six years in a row.

Growing up in the 1990's it was so great watching the talents of Gary Payton throwing lobs to Shawn Kemp as he threw them down. Watching George Karl win four Pacific Division titles in a four year span was something special as well. Watching the three point shooting of Detlef Schrempf, Hersey Hawkins and Sam Perkins was a joy as well. I used to always wear Sonics stuff to school and like I said the first game I ever went to was a Sonics game in the Tacoma Dome.

Watching Wally Walker destroy this team was one of the saddest things to watch. Then seeing this team flea town was a horrific experience that I hope to never experience again far as sports go. I'm glad in this whole process these former players from those teams were so active in this. Payton, Kemp and Schrempf have been big fixtures in this community the past decade in post retirement. When the NBA finally returns to Seattle look for #20 and #40 to be retired together in a ceremony in a game which will sell out quickly. For now it doesn't matter how good our team will be as we'll have a team once again. The next generation of kids can find their new NBA heroes like my dad always references "Downtown" Freddy Brown, Dennis Johnson or Jack Sikma. How I bring up Payton, Kemp and Schrempf these kids will have their own guys to idolize growing up.

Just like my father I also get to experience a new sport in this city as the NHL will most likely come to Seattle as well. The city of Seattle will have NFL, MLB, D-1 college sports, NBA, NHL, MLS and WNBA meaning they will officially become a major sports city in the United States. This is a huge day for the city of Seattle as they'll experience a huge economic boom in the SODO market as that area will finally get cleaned up with some big time restaurants and hotels. This is a beautiful day for those in Seattle who haven't had much to cheer about in the last couple of years. The Sonics are coming back and so today everyone wear your green and gold. I know today I'll be feeling pretty suuuuuuuuper as my childhood is returning as the Sonics will be coming back!

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