Friday, May 4, 2012

SSB weekly rant: April 28th-May 4th edition

By Kshell

Last week I took a week off from my weekly rant instead to cover the NFL draft. This past week including today plenty has been going on that I would like to rant about. My main picture is of a sinking ship which can be confused as the Seattle Mariners current logo given their six game losing streak and how they have been a terrible product from the 2004 season until now. I also will talk about the NBA playoffs some in particular one player who has so far had a terrific playoffs. In this rant I'll address rumors by our local radio hosts to boost struggling ratings. This week has seen plenty and like usual I'll give my two cents on everything. So in this rant once again hope you aren't too offended and make sure to enjoy what one man has to rant about.

In year four of the Jack Zduriencik experiment the Mariners offense still looks pathetic and the team is experiencing a six game losing streak. Zduriencik's big trade acquisitions like Franklin Gutierrez and Justin Smoak are proving to be busts while his free agents Chone Figgins and Miguel Olivo are also terrible. Zduriencik is on his second manager Eric Wedge who doesn't appear to have the slightest clue on what is going on. Wedge is in love with veterans when the Mariners should be rebuilding and Zduriencik can't fire him or else he will have failed with both his managerial hires. Last year I suggested that Zduriencik isn't the guy to lead the Mariners to the promise land and unfortunately I'm right once again. Jack Z has proven to be a fraud so far and the Mariners 11-16 record and already seven games back in year four just further proves my claim. The fact that 22 of the 25 guys on this roster are a product of Zduriencik(Felix, Ichiro and Saunders are the three who aren't) just gives more evidence he doesn't know what he is doing to be a major league general manager. Time for Zudriencik and Wedge to pack their bags and move on.

This playoffs once again no player matters more than Lebron James. In this picture shows Lebron going up against Carmelo Anthony. I bring up these two because at one point they were both in the same breath. James will win his third MVP in the last four years in a couple of weeks while Anthony has made it past the first round just once in his career as he falls to 0-7 in playoff games with the Knicks. Lebron is killing the Knicks this series averaging 27.7 PPG, 6.3 RPG, 5.7 APG and 2.7 steals while shooting 50.9% from the field. While Anthony is averaging 21.0 PPG and 9.0 RPG but shooting just 34.4% from the field. Anthony appears to be this generations wasted talent a guy who can rack up stats but can't translate to wins. While James has had his problems in the playoffs he has never lost a first round series in his entire NBA career. James scored 17 of his 32 points in game three in the fourth quarter making a two point game into a 17 point victory. James is stepping up his game while Anthony once again is falling short. At one time Anthony falling short in the playoffs used to be a major story instead now it's a non story which speaks even further of Anthony's career in New York.

Today on his KJR show and on his twitter Dave Softy Mahler speculated that the Eugene register is sitting on a big story that will put the Oregon Ducks basketball and football on probation. Of course his source quickly turned into a rumor when he caught lying. Now Mahler can sit behind that he was just spreading a rumor but as the case he was just flat out wrong. Then on the Dawgman message boards fans were saying that writer from the Eugene Register is just a Ducks fan with an agenda. What fans don't realize is newspaper writers have to hold some sort of integrity while radio hosts like Softy or those who run Dawgman don't. Dawgman is a glorified fan site just like Softy's show is a glorified fan show. They never break any real news yet the fans in Seattle eat it up like it's the gospel. Use common sense people in today's era with bloggers, radio hosts, and other newspapers you really think a small-time newspaper is going to sit on a huge national story?!! Really?!! This was just a sad attempt by a KJR host hoping to boost his ratings and the fans ate it up. I've been hearing for a while the Oregon Ducks are going on probation but until it actually happens I'm sick of it. Right now these Husky fans are misrepresenting the true fans which is a shame. These hacks would rather see Oregon fail than see the Huskies succeed which is a shame. So in the future guys don't listen to anything this guy has to say because his "sources" are Hugh Millen, Kim Grinolds of dawgman  and Elderidge Recasner. Basically he has no real sources just guesses and hoping it sticks.

Well guys those are my rants for the week. Hopefully in football season I can be more positive although you guys don't read my blog for positive rants. The Mariners are a team that is in a sinking ship and we should be enjoying the NBA playoffs but our team was stolen. There isn't much going on in this city since the draft has just been completed so expect more rumors with no facts supporting them behind it. Anyways hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to read my Mariners weekly post this Monday.

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