Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seahawks trade for TE Winslow for future draft pick

By Kshell

The Seattle Seahawks yesterday traded for troubled pro bowl tight end Kellen Winslow Jr of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Once again the Pete Carroll regime proves they'll take in guys with character issues if they are talented and Winslow fits the mode. The Seahawks ignored the offense in the draft but instead have focused on the offense through the last two offseasons by signing Sidney Rice, Tarvaris Jackson, Zach Miller. Then this offseason signing Matt Flynn and now trading for Winslow. In the Carroll regime they also traded for Marshawn Lynch so it appears they are more comfortable developing guys on defense while going for established guys on offense. The Seahawks offense will now be dangerous with two productive tight ends plus a new quarterback to go with a pro bowl running back.

The Seahawks gave up a seventh round draft pick that could be more if Winslow performs well. What they are getting in Winslow who made the pro bowl with the Cleveland Browns back in 2007 where he had 82 receptions for 1,106 yards(13.5 YPC) with five touchdowns is a talented tight end. Winslow will be 29 years old this season and should give the Seahawks a chance to run multiple sets. Winslow was taken with the 6th pick overall in the 2004 NFL draft right out of Miami University. In his four seasons with the Cleveland Browns in 44 games and 40 starts he caught 219 passes for 2,459(11.2 YPC) yards with 11 touchdowns. He averaged five receptions a game for 55.9 yards. Then he was dealt to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he has played the last three seasons. In those three years he has played in 48 games making 40 starts. He has caught 218 passes for 2,377 yards(10.9 YPC) with 12 touchdowns. He averaged 4.5 receptions a game for 49.5 yards per game. Winslow is a proven tight end which the Seahawks have lacked in the Carroll era. Hopefully now with Matt Flynn and another year with Tom Cable the Seahawks can go from zero production from tight end to having  two productive tight ends. This move will give the Seahawks a chance to be a very successful offense.

Now with the trade of Winslow people are already speculating that Zach Miller is on his way out. Now that could be the case but I think Miller still has value. Miller who is also a former pro bowler with the Raiders in 2010 when he caught 60 passes for 685 yards(11.4 YPC) with five touchdowns won't turn 27 until December of this year. Miller while in four seasons caught 226 passes for 2,712 yards(12.0 YPC) with 12 touchdowns. He averaged 3.6 receptions for 43.7 yards. Then last year with the Seahawks was a disaster played in 15 games all of which were starts but caught just 25 passes for 233 yards(9.3 YPC) with zero touchdowns. He averaged just 1.7 receptions and 15.5 yards per game. Miller was often asked to stay in to block plus the Seahawks experienced inconsistent play from the quarterback position which didn't help his cause either. With Miller and Winslow the Seahawks can run a lot of two tight end sets which will be pivotal in the run game as well as the red zone. With those two along with tall receivers Sidney Rice and Mike Williams the Seahawks should be scoring plent of touchdowns this year in the red zone. This was a big time move for Pete Carroll to make and I do think they'll still keep Miller as he still has value to the team.

In conclusion, I liked this move a lot as Winslow is a great talent who can provide huge upside. If he doesn't work out? It doesn't cost you anything as if he is cut prior to the season the Seahawks don't even lose the draft pick. The Seahawks have continued to improve the defense in the draft and the offense with veterans who are still in their 20's. What the Seahawks are doing the last few years you have to love. Winslow might not work out but I'm glad the Seahawks are taking chances on these type of players which the previous regime was afraid to do. Winslow can be the missing link that this offense needs as talent has never been an issue.

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