Friday, April 27, 2012

Seahawks take LB Bobby Wagner in second round

By Kshell

The Seattle Seahawks once again traded back in the draft then surprised the draft "experts". This time the Seahawks traded four spots back to the New York Jets gaining an extra fifth and seventh round draft pick. With their pick the Seahawks took middle linebacker Bobby Wagner out of Utah State. The Seahawks despite having an already top 10 defense are loading up on defense once again. They also gained extra picks which is a smart move given how well the team has drafted in the past couple of years. Wagner could also be an outside linebacker. The Seahawks needed linebackers and have picked up two who provide different roles. Also by trading back twice Pete Carroll and John Schneider have picked up an extra four draft picks which is the key.

What the Seahawks got in Wagner first of all is a 6 foot linebacker who is 241 lbs. Wagner is a four-year starter and a two-time captain. He was also three-time all WAC while at Utah State. His senior year he had 147 tackles including 67 solo and four sacks with two interceptions. Wagner will start for the Seahawks at either middle linebacker or at outside linebacker. Despite what Kiper said he wasn't a reach as Rob Rang had him going 48th to the New England Patriots and several scouts had him as a second round grade. Just because him and his moron buddy McShay don't know what they are doing doesn't make him a bad player. The Seahawks are making sure their defense stays in the top 10 for years to come. They'll hope to land some diamonds in the rough later in the draft like they have already in the last two years with Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman and K.J. Wright not to mention signed Doug Baldwin already. This was a good pick and Wagner has a nose for the football which is something you can't teach.

The Seahawks are adopting the Bill Walsh philosphy which is trading back to acquire more picks. By doing so John Schneider has added an extra fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh round picks while still getting both guys they wanted. That is what championship teams do they trade back get guys who fit their system and load up on more picks to acquire even more talent. Walsh perfected this strategy and you see the Baltimore Ravens do this quite a bit. By trading with the New York Jets the Seahawks acquired a fifth and a seventh rounder. The last two years the Seahawks have taken Kam Chancellor and Richard Sherman in the fifth round so don't scoff at that fifth round pick. The Seahawks in my opinion are having a very excellent draft and going to add to their depth. This is a young team already on the verge of doing big things and this draft will just add to that.

At the end of the day let's stop listening to Kiper and McShay. Instead let's trust that Carroll and Schneider who have drafted well the last two years know what they are doing. They have addressed the linebacker/pass rusher positions while gaining four extra picks in the draft. This draft isn't being praised by those ESPN blowhards but those guys don't know what they are talking about anyways. The Seahawks are breaking in new uniforms this year and also going to bring a talented roster to Century Link Field. The Seahawks are having a good draft so far don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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