Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seahawks Lose an Ugly One in Cleveland

By Wyatt Lyles
Man was that a bad game. It was so hard to watch, and I almost regret watching it at all. Any progress that the Seahawks had made was completely stopped in its tracks after Sunday's game. I've managed to come up with four things I can comment on from the game. We all know what one of them is, and I'll save his roasting for last. 

While the game overall was horrible, the defense was its normal self. Once again, they kept us in the game until the very end. That's about all you can ask from your defense in this game. The run defense was still on top of things. The Browns did have 141 yards on the ground, but 31 came from their QB Colt McCoy, and that's not really the fault of the run defense. McCoy is pretty mobile and when he gets any sort of open field to run in, he's hard to stop. So the run defense in the traditional sense allowed only 110 yards rushing. And once again, no opposing rusher has broken 100 yards against our defense. So this was a major bright spot once again. We were still in the game up until the final minutes of the 4th Quarter thanks to the defense. It was the offense who just couldn't get it done in this game. 

There was a couple guys who really stood out to me on Sunday, and of course, they were from the defense. First was Red Bryant. I know that he's been one of the focal points of the defense for the past couple seasons, but he did something on Sunday that no Seahawk had even done before. He blocked TWO field goals. In the same game. It was definitely an awesome thing to witness. Seeing the determination that he had on each of the blocks was insane. He pretty much just had his way with the linemen who were trying to stop him. He pretty much made them look like weaklings. He wasn't all good though, as he got ejected late in the 4th quarter for head butting an opposing player. This is something he just can't do. He needs to keep his composure on those kinds of things. But overall, he had a great game, and I hope he can keep up that kind of playing in weeks to come. 

Another guy that stood out to me was David Hawthorne. So far this season, he's been pretty average. He hasn't really done anything that has stood out. But on Sunday he had eleven tackles, one sack, and an interception. The interception came while the Browns were in the red zone, so it was perfect timing by Hawthorne. It was nice to see him playing so well out there. 

Now for what I've been waiting since Sunday to finally put on paper. Charlie Whitehurst is a HORRIBLE quarterback. He has no future in this league. I mean, going into the game, I knew that he wasn't going to go out there and play like an elite QB. But, he surprised me in how bad he played. He was 12-for-30 for 97 yards and one interception. I could sit here and talk for awhile about all the things that he did wrong on Sunday, but it really isn't even worth my effort. The bottom line is that he finally proved what we all knew was true: Whitehurst is a career backup, and he is in no way, shape, or form a better QB than Tarvaris Jackson. I hope all the Whitehurst supporters will just sit down now because there is no way that you can defend his performance. While it is true that football is a team sport, he deserves at the very least 75% of the blame. If Jackson had played this game, we would have won. It's as simple as that. 

(Side note: I'm not even going to get into the how bad the officiating was on Sunday. Those refs need not ever ref an NFL game ever again in their lives. Their performances were just as bad, if not worse than Whitehurst's. And that's saying something.) 

This game is in the past now, though. It's time to look towards this week's matchup against the Bengals. I really really really really hope that Jackson is healthy in time for the game because I can't watch Whitehurst start another game. I seriously think that If Jackson can't go Sunday that they should play Josh Portis. There's no way he can be any worse than Whitehurst was Sunday. At any rate, I'm still looking forward to Sunday's game because I still love this team, and I'll support them no matter what the outcome of a game is. 

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