Monday, October 11, 2010

Seahawks trade WR Deion Branch back to Patriots for 4th round pick

By Kshell

The Seahawks have finally ended the Deion Branch marriage trading him to the New England Patriots for a fourth round pick. Branch when he had came to Seattle brought with him tons of hype but after four disappointing years plus part of a fifth year the Seahawks decided to get something for him.

Both teams have been in the news lately with mid season trades which doesn't happen much in the NFL. The Seahawks last week traded their fourth round pick in 2011 and a fifth/or a sixth in 2012 to the Buffalo Bills for Marshawn Lynch. While the Patriots made the controversial move of trading Randy Moss to the Minnesota Vikings for a third round pick.

The Patriots have to be excited considering they traded a fourth rounder for Randy Moss after the 2006 season and now received a third round pick for him. In 2006 they traded Branch to the Seahawks for a first round pick and now have acquired Branch for a fourth rounder. Tim Ruskell made a mistake back then so don't fault Pete Carroll and John Scheinder for getting a fourth rounder for someone who has not fulfilled his lofty expectations.

When the Seahawks acquired Branch they were coming off of a Super Bowl appearance so giving up a first round pick didn't appear to be that bad. Branch was just a season removed from winning the Super Bowl MVP. Despite not ever having a single 1,000 yard receiving season or ever catching more than five touchdowns in a season Tim Ruskell traded away a 2007 first round pick plus gave Branch a 6 year/39 million dollar deal. Branch was supposed to be the piece that got the Seahawks over the hill but instead has been nothing.

Branch in 2006 learning the offense played in all 14 games plus two playoff games and had 53 receptions for 725 yards and four touchdowns. Not bad for a guy learning a new offense and moving to the other coast. Unfortunately for Branch and Seahawk fans this was the best Branch would do for Seattle. This year in four games Branch has a solid 13 receptions but has just 112 yards receiving.

Pete Carroll is continuing to blow up this roster and rid himself of Ruskell busts. Burlson, Houshmandzadeh and now Branch the three leading and costly receivers are all gone. Instead the Seahawks will turn to Golden Tate, Mike Williams, Brandon Stockley and the lone holdover Deon Butler. At the end of the day the Seahawks received a fifth round pick for Josh Wilson and a fourth for Branch. Essentially if someone said the Seahawks could get Marshawn Lynch for Deion Branch and Josh Wilson I'd be excited as should you. This is a great trade for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.

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