Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Seahawks acquire Bills running back Marshawn Lynch for 2011 and 2012 draft picks

By: Kshell

The Seattle Seahawks have acquired running back Marshawn Lynch from the Buffalo Bills in exchange for their 2011 4th round draft pick and a 5th or a 6th round pick in 2012 depending on how well Lynch performs. The Seahawks rushing game currently ranks 27th in the NFL and with Lynch the former first round pick in 2007 being unhappy the move makes sense.

Marshawn Lynch is asked to fill the need in the running game. The Seahawks are just one of four teams in the NFL to not produce a 1,000 yard rusher since 2005 when Shaun Alexander won the MVP. Tim Ruskell decided it be best to draft more fullbacks(3) than running backs(Forsett). The team then decided to bring in aging veterans like Julius Jones, T.J.Duckett and then Edgerin James to fill the rushing void. Julius Jones was a bust and because of the Lynch trade his Seahawks career is over.

The Seahawks are using Justin Forsett primarily and with a weak offensive line and given he is kind of a scap back he has had mixed results on the year. Forsett on the year has 215 yards rushing on 51 carries which is good for 4.2 YPC but he has zero touchdowns and is averaging just 53.8 yards per game. In the last contest in a 20-3 loss vs the Rams he had 65 yards on 19 carries(3.4 YPC) and the previous week in a win over the Chargers had 17 carries for 63(3.7 YPC). Safe to say Forsett wasn't getting the job done. He is still useful as he has 9 receptions on the year and had 41 last season. He will split time with Lynch. This should come nothing new to Forsett as Forsett sat behind Marshawn Lynch at the university of California for two seasons.

Marshawn Lynch was a heralded running back from Cal where he was the 12th pick overall in the 2007 draft. In his rookie year in only 13 games Lynch ran for 1,115 averaging 4.0 YPC and had seven rushing touchdowns. He followed that up in 2008 with a pro bowl season where he ran for 1036 yards averaging 4.1 YPC and had eight rushing touchdowns and also caught 47 passes that year. After his second year in the NFL people were nicknaming him "Beast Mode" he looked like he was the future of the Bills franchise. Then it all fell apart for Lynch in 2009. He got in trouble with the law and found himself suspended the first three games of the 2009 season. Fred Jackson had played so well when Lynch came back he found himself in a time share and towards the end of the season found himself second string. Lynch would have a very dissapointing 2009 season rushing for just 450 yards averaging 3.8 YPC and had just two rushing touchdowns. Then the 2010 NFL draft happened.

In the 2010 NFL Draft C.J.Spiller was regarded as the best running back and most exciting player in the draft out of Clemson. When Spiller fell to the Bills at the 9th pick overall the Bills took Spiller. With Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch still on the roster that meant both were going to have to share with a third back. Both Lynch and Jackson were hurt during the first preseason game which allowed Spiller to emerge as the guy. Which meant Lynch wasn't very happy. Lynch on the year has just 164 yards rushing for a 4.4 YPC average but no touchdowns. Seattle needed a back, Buffalo is struggling at 0-4 so they are in rebuilding mode and they pulled the trigger to trade him out of conference.

Lynch despite playing in the NFL for four seasons now is only 24 years old. For his career he has 2,765 yards rushing and a 4.0 YPC average and 17 touchdowns. Lynch hasn't exactly played on good offensive lines or have a quarterback which defenses have to respect. In Seattle he still doesn't have a good offensive line and the jury is still out if Matt Hasselbeck can beat you. Lynch will be a free agent at the end of the 2012 season. I think this is a great medium risk/ high reward. The Seahawks just got a 24 year old running back who has been to the probowl and gives them that power running they lack. Don't think this will hurt Justin Forsett's feelings. Remember these two were teamates at California and Forsett will still get his touches. With Forsett and now Lynch along with Leon Washington the Seattle rushing game should be vastly improved and ready to win this division. Thats one thing about Pete Carroll he has proven so far he isn't afaid of taking risks. Well he just took a big risk and lets hope it pays off.

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