Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Seahawks sign future hall of famer Terrell Owens

By Kshell

The Seattle Seahawks once again showing how they don't really care about team distractions as they just signed future hall of fame wide receiver Terrell Owens. As Owens famously would say better get your popcorn ready. The Seahawks on Monday signed Owens to a one year deal worth one million. Pete Carroll is showing once again he'll bring in guys who are hungry and ready to compete. Owens who has played previously for the San Francisco 49ers, Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals hasn't played in an NFL game since 2010. Owens was last seen being cut by an Arena  Football league team and has always been known to be a team cancer in previous stops. The Seahawks are taking a gamble and if Owens isn't buying into what Carroll wants he'll be cut just like previous players have.

Terrell Owens coming to the Seahawks is a bit of a shock for those who remember his stunt he pulled on the Seahawks during a Monday Night Football game back in 2002. When the Seahawks were going to take on the 49ers two years ago I actually talked about that incident plus some other famous games . For Owens while he was with the 49ers he also danced on the Dallas Cowboys star at midfield before joining the Cowboys later on. What the Seahawks are getting in Owens is a six-time pro bowl wide receiver and five-time first-team all-pro. Owens has led the NFL in receiving touchdowns three times in his career and has gone over the 1,000 yard mark nine times in his career. For his career he has played in 219 games making 201 starts. He has recorded 1,078 receptions for 15,934 yards(14.8 YPC) with 153 touchdowns. He has 39 carries for 251 yards(6.4 YPC) for three touchdowns. Owens has made the pro bowl with the 49ers, Eagles and Cowboys and played in one super bowl with the Eagles. In that Super Bowl loss playing on one leg he caught nine passes for 122 yards showing how special of a talent he really is. There is no doubt that T.O. despite all his other stuff that he pulls along with Randy Moss was the receiver of the 2000's.

The reality is the Seahawks aren't signing that T.O. just like when they traded for the greatest receiver of all-time Jerry Rice they got him at the end of his career. Owens was last seen in the NFL playing for the Cincinnati Bengals back in 2010 where he played in 14 games making 11 starts. During that year Owens caught 72 passes for 983 yards(13.7 YPC) with nine touchdowns. Owens at the age of 37 proved he still had game. Unfortunately for the Seahawks Owens is going to turn 39 years old this December and hasn't produced a 1,000 yard season since 2008 or made the pro bowl since 2007. Owens at this point in his career doesn't appear to be worth the head ache. He still is 6'3" 226 pounds and if anything is another guy brought in to push the youngsters. Owens will provide competition and can't afford to be a problem in the locker room as Carroll has shown with anyone that he'll cut him. Carroll is bringing in Owens because he feels Owens can still be a decent player in this league. However, if Owens attitude or more importantly his production isn't up to par he won't make this roster.

The Seahawks earlier also brought in Braylon Edwards. Edwards who has played for the Cleveland Browns, New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers. Edwards back in 2007 caught 80 passes for 1,289 yards(16.1 YPC) for 16 touchdowns at the age of 24 years old. It had appeared Edwards was ready to join Owens and Moss as an elite wide receiver in this league. Instead he has never found the magic despite his 6'3" frame. Recently he was cut by the 49ers last year after catching only 15 passes for 181 yards(12.1 YPC) in nine games. Edwards like Owens was brought in to compete for a roster spot. In 2007 if someone told me the Seahawks would have Owens, Kellen Winslow and Edwards I'd think this would be a really talented roster but an explosive roster as well. I doubt both Edwards and Owens make this team. Better chance neither makes this roster than both making the roster.

In the end I don't mind these moves actually. If either guy can find his old form then the Seahawks picked up a solid receiver for nothing like they have the last two years with Mike Williams in 2010 and Doug Baldwin in 2011. If either guy shows he has no game Carroll will cut him like he has already done with Antonio Bryant who was signed then immediately cut a few days later. Carroll is constantly bringing in players and constantly cutting even more players until he finds the roster he likes. That is the thing I like about the Seahawks I feel like we are maximizing our 53 man rosters better than anyone. The Seahawks may not have the best talent but they don't have scrubs on their roster either. All said and done if you survive cut day you still must compete or Carroll will still show you the door. Owens and Edwards might find their pro bowl ability once again or they might end up getting cut before week one. I like that the Seahawks are taking chances on guys and aren't afraid to cut bait if this doesn't work out. As a Seahawks fan I hope Owens is making us all say the phrase "get your popcorn ready". This was a risky signing by the Seahawks but a very solid move when all said and done.


  1. It's a Seahawk "double-u Tee Eff" moment, I hope it works.

  2. I hope it works out and if not oh well. They aren't financially committed to him and if he acts up Carroll will cut him.

    If he shows life like he did in his last NFL season then he'll be a nice addition to this franchise.