Saturday, July 7, 2012

Happy two years to my blog!

By Kshell

I can't believe I've been running my blog for two years now. It has been a wild ride for my blog over those years where in the beginning I had a separate facebook account for a few months which was deleted by facebook. In that short time I was able to have interviewed several Huskies greats when the current Huskies were taking on the Nebraska Cornhuskers and I also had a separate interview with Huskies and Oakland Raiders great Lincoln Kennedy as we talked on the phone for over 40 minutes. I remember how that was such a thrill talking to guys that I grew up watching and just how excited my dad was for me. That was exciting times for my blog's growth as I started my blog in the NBA offseason. That offseason was crazy of course because that is when Lebron James pulled off the decision and just two years later it resulted in an NBA championship for the Miami Heat. Still my blog was having trouble getting page views until November of 2010.

My blog finally hit it big in November and hasn't looked back since! I've had over 3,000 page views every month since March of 2011 and over 5,000 since June of 2011. This past two years has been great to me and my blog. My seattle sports blog group and fan page have been getting great traffic lately. In October of 2011 I began writing for the Northwest Sports Beat which has been a fun experience.

In the first two years I will have wrote more than I will this upcoming year. With my job and coaching in the winter time I'll be working up to 60 hours a week. My blog has been a great ride and it has been a wonderful two years. I just like to quickly thank everyone who has ever written for me, thank everyone who has ever read my work and I look forward to future readers of my blog! This was a great personal weekend for me spending time with my family down in Long Beach, Washington with the team I'm currently coaching plus kids I coached this past year on a different team were there, along with my old high school. I couldn't ask for much more in life and this blog has allowed me to meet several great people along the way. Cheers everyone!

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