Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seahawks trade former 2nd round draft pick Josh Wilson to Ravens for 5th rounder

By Kshell

Pete Carroll and John Schneider are at it again. The Seahawks this past offseason and completely overhauled the defense ridding themselves of Tim Ruskell bad free agent signings and draft picks. The Seahawks decided today to trade cornerback Josh Wilson to the Baltimore Ravens for just a 5th round draft pick.

The Seahawks traded away the former 2nd round draft pick in 2007(Hawks had no first round pick so he was their first pick). Josh Wilson also returns kick offs and punts as well. In his three seasons with the Seahawks Wilson played in 40 games making 24 starts(the 24 starts coming in the last two seasons). Wilson the last two seasons recorded 6 interceptions, two sacks and forced three fumbles. Wilson is an undersized corner at 5'9" which in a division that features Michael Crabtree and most importantly Larry Fitzgerald that could cause some major problems.

Seahawks will also be missing a valuable special teams piece in Wilson. Wilson in 2008 led the NFL in kickoff return yards. He ran back a touchdown his rookie year in 2007. On defense he ran back three interceptions for Touchdowns. Wilson gives you team speed. On the other hand it appears Wilson may have peaked in 2008 and took a step back in 2009. His tackles,interceptions and special teams value all declined in 2009 compared to 2008. Wilson wasn't ever going to be that probowl corner you had hoped he could materialize to become when Ruskell wasted yet another high draft pick on him.

The Seahawks still have former first round dissapointment Kelly Jennings who has 30 career starts the last four seasons with the team. Jennings despite having 30 starts and being in the league for four seasons has just one career interception. The Seahawks also have 4th round draft choice Walter Thurmond from Oregon who the team is very high on despite his preseason struggles. Roy Lewis the former Washington Husky has looked well this preseason. The most important player is Marcus Trufant who is coming into the season healthy for the first time since 2007.

Overall, I don't like this trade at all. A 5th round pick shows how terrible of a draft job Tim Ruskell did while he was in Seattle. Josh Wilson isn't even an average NFL starter but he is certainly better than Kelly Jennings. I feel when the secondary is already lacking talent to just give up on a former 2nd round pick after just three seasons is a bit crazy. Pete Carroll is at the practices while I'm not so he must see something I'm not seeing. On paper this trade looks like a mistake but Wilson will not haunt the Seahawks down the road is the good news.

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